Tuesday 17 January 2012

Bit of a Shocker!

Really quick post today, if you read my post titled Noisy Neighbours a few days ago I mentioned that I had started a canvas but it was a bit dark because of my mood and I did not want to show it? well today being much happier in myself I revamped it! 
I have a painting on my wall at home by artist Elena Gomez called Goose Hill which kind of inspired this.
Its still a little dark and may shock a few readers because the style is probably not what you associate me with but here it is anyway!




  1. I reckon it's great Andy. I personally like 'dark' so to me, the colours are gorgeous.

  2. love it.. its good to explore the other styles you have in you.
    this is beautiful.. can something be naive and complex all in one?

    its also a bit "other worldly"

    nice job.
    Z x

  3. naive and complex all in one?
    ...that sounds like me! :)

  4. I would be more than happy to have that hanging on my wall. x

  5. It's beautiful and everybody who had read your blog is not expecting only steampunk. Steampunk is spectacular but there is more ( to learn, too)and that's why i'm here...nosy for every news! (:o)

  6. I like it:) Good to have several strings to your bow!

  7. Not shocked at all, I find it quite restful! But there again my brain is a bit upside down!

  8. Looks good Andy and it's nice to be different too !

  9. Thanks Elly, I kind off needed to hear that, and whilst I love steampunk I do not want to get associated with that genre alone.

  10. I love the picture and I think it is wonderful how you can change genres so easily - but I guess that's what makes you a great artist, whom people less blessed (like me, the frustrated artist) can take inspiration from.

  11. Variety is the Spice Of Life, as they say. We love to see your work whatever the style.


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