Monday 16 January 2012


I have been on blogger for nearly two years and have only just discovered the followers gadget lol.  I have to admit I have seen it on other blogs but guessed it was a third party gadget.. hence I have relied on my feedburner email subscribers to get the message out.
So with the gadget now installed I have to say a big thank you to the 42 people  following me without my realising….I am wearing my dunces hat and you can be assured I will be sitting in the corner of the room immediately after this post lol
I have just paid a visit to the Craft Barn blog and they have 1030 followers!!…..  this makes my feel very un-loved so I am on a mission to catch up with them by the year 2020!

Below is my schedule so far along with a few workshop pictures from the classes I will be running at Studio Ceramics in Bahrain…..only seven days and counting!

Tue 31 Jan – watercolour with ceramics glazes

304685_277989505545233_128491957161656_1233862_422328020_n (Mobile)

Wed 1 Feb – copper Clay jewellery/  evening – enamelling


Thu 2 Feb silver clay jewellery keepsakes


Sat 4 Feb morning: glass fusing /afternoon: Aboriginal clay hand building.

097 (Mobile)

DSC_0628cut out (Large)

Sun 5 Feb Altered Art/afternoon glass fusing.

Mon 6 Feb – steampunk.

steampunk book 3 (Large)

Tues 7 Feb silver Clay jewellery.

Wed 8 Feb  glass fusing at Studio.



  1. I'm number 44, its worth doing, now I can see form my blog when you next post. Looking forwards to starting your online course next month.. roll on Feb!!

  2. Thanks Nicky and Louise I am feeling a little more loved now lol

  3. You are a rotten tease, all those lovely classes you are going to be doing in the sunshine, going to go and sulk now!

  4. Can I come to Bahrain!? I promise to be good. Maybe!

  5. Not if your going to promise to be good you can't Debz!! lol

    Sorry kathy, I promise I will return with gifts :)

  6. fab projects andy...have a blast in Bahrain and I've just become follower no 51...hugs kath xxx

  7. Thanks so much Kathy your a star!

  8. The Silver Clay class looks fun.... Follower 57 :) Don't forget to follow your followers :p We quite often mention you!!

  9. ..and i thought, it's because you're on org.(:o)Come back healthy..

  10. ive been getting ur emails for ages just thought u were shy to talk to us all lol .... i'll come to Bahrain im never good :o)

  11. I will get on to the following soon Sam, all my brain power was taken up yesterday by installing the followers gadget! lol The silver clay is fun but fairly expensive these days.

    I plan too elly, but be warned I have full internet access over there so you won't get rid of me that easy!! :)

    Suzee your tickets in the post! lol

  12. You might not have realised what the followers gadget was, but I didn't realise you had a blog as I'm only signed up for your newsletters!! DER! Now sorted. x

  13. The steampunk book looks brilliant, good luck with followers and following :)


  14. Doh! Andy, lol. It won't take you long to match the Craft Barn, I bet. I can follow you now too.

    Thanks for comment on my shadow box, made my day that has. :o)

    Just been to check on the online workshops and noticed the next one is May. Is that the same as we've done though or a new one?

  15. Hi Lorraine details of the new one are below

  16. Great, thanks Andy. Of course, I'm in. :o)

  17. Thought it was odd that you did not have followers, glad you do now, I am No. 67! Hope they keep on coming, at this rate you will overtake the Craft Barn. Regards, Anne Rx

  18. Wow! amazing blog Andy.. only sorry, I haven't called before! I find I am No.88!!! Here's to many more followers and visitors & blog posts.

    Enjoy the sunshine. Gez.

  19. hiya andy , i'm no. 105 and now you are goign to be so bummed when you hear google firends is said to be going bye byes real soon :( here is a link to a new friends gadget called linky friends , look it up and see what you think x ( i am just a fly by the seat of my pants bloggger and not affiliated with linky friends x )
    chat soon oh and if you like linky friends come by mine and be my newest "flinky" please

  20. Just my luck Maggie!!
    Although it is remaining for blogger blogs, just found this..
    If you have Google Friend Connect installed on your Blogger blog: It appears Google is keeping GFC as a Blogger-only follow widget, so you don’t have to worry about possibly losing readers due to this change. However, if you decide to move your blog from Blogger to another blogging platform, you need to think about what this might do to your readership.


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