Sunday 8 January 2012

Consurgo (Steampunk Style Animated Short Film)

Those of you who like steampunk may enjoy or take some inspiration from this short CGI animated film called Consugo by Colorbleed Studios.

Here is the synopsis provided by the makers.
In this steampunk styled short film, created in our second year of school, a girl loses the ball she's playing with and it ends up on the street. Her father tries to get it back for her, but then something brutal happens. The girl, full of tears, doesn't know what to think when a monstrous creature appears and seems to be after her and her father.

I have received a few emails this week concerning the Timeworn Techniques Workshop, one of which was whether it covers steampunk painting techniques.
The answer to this is YES it does, I should have made this more clear when I announced it I guess.
There are many faux metal techniques, lots and lots of rust techniques and of course…the much asked for RIVET technique!

rivets steampunk
The next question was a concern of support and how much is given as they had taken other online workshops and received very little.
All I can say is that in the last online Altered Bottle Workshop I honestly feel that I gave good support and answered questions promptly and received no complaints.
Anyone on that workshop who feels this was not the case please do feel free to comment.

The workshop comes with its own site including  downloadable photographic and text pdf's for all techniques along with individual videos for each technique.
There is also a dedicated forum which I monitor and log into everyday to answer questions.

Finally I was asked if entering into the end of workshop competition  was obligatory?
No not at all, it is completely up to you, its just for a bit of fun and its great to see how delegates use the taught techniques in a piece of artwork,  if you do not feel confident enough or do not have enough time to enter a piece that's absolutely fine.

Here are a few samples from the actual workshop Pdf's but there are now 20 techniques in total.

Peeled Paint
Peeled Paint

Rust Runs

Corroded and pitted metal

Warn Brass

Worn Rust

Weathered Rust

Worn Copper Patina
DSC_0417 (Large)


  1. Fab video, love that one.

    From doing the evil elixir mixer I can definatly say that the support given was definatly very good and quite fast.

  2. I am really looking forward to this class, never done anything like it before, I cant wait

  3. I second what Clare said. Andy showed a great deal of patience(with me, the old gal.)The support in the last class was first rate and the class was great fun too! But make sure you cover yourself well and the floor, if you are messy like me, as Acrylic paint is a total b----r to get out of textiles!

  4. Wow Andy what a brilliant video thank you for sharing.

    I thought the information and support in the Evil Elixir bottle class was excellent and I am really looking forward to this next workshop. Whyducks you gave us lots of laughs!:)

  5. Wow some of those techniques look fab! Trace x

  6. Can't wait for the workshop to start, getting very excited.....


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