Thursday 5 January 2012

Hannibal the Mechannibal

Please help me,  my name is Hannibal the mechannibal ….or I should say it is now!


There was I an innocent Wild Plum alcohol ink bottle sitting proudly on the shelf just waiting for the honour to be used….. a hand reaches up toward me.. "Yes at last" I thought,  "my time has come"..  Oh yes I was used all right….and abused….just look at the state of me!
All the other bottles  are being unkind and laughing at me even though I still work perfectly… I am so frightened of what he may do to me next :(

Oh no he's coming….got to go….please, please help me get out of here!




  1. Oh that is one fine, fun bottle! Happy New Year Andy, how is the eating going? When are you off to the sunshine or are you already there? If so, enjoy!

  2. Happy New Year
    Have no ides how he got to the computer to type that post, I didn't give him legs! lol
    Leave for Bahrain on the 23rd, really should not be playing with alcohol ink bottles as there is so much to do before I go!
    Eating is on schedual..3 meals a day so far!

  3. Epic SUCCESS...... lol. I so love this little guy :D

  4. Bwahahaha! Love this post!! Cute little ink bottle robot too!

  5. Fantastic, just think what you could do with an Americana Acrylics bottle ;)

    You have got to make him some friends now, it would be cruel to let him sit on his own.....

    You certainly put a smile on my face this evening, thanks Andy

  6. I bought a pc game yesterday, called machinarium. And now you show your very cool Hannibal. Seems like...we've the same inspiration (:o)

  7. Well done with the eating Andy and you need all the playing with alcohol you can get before your trip!

  8. Happy New Year Andy! You are as mad as we are lol. Love this little guy, I agree with Nikkib
    you must make him some friends. Would be interested to see how he still works too.
    Lucia x

  9. Oh he's a real cutie little mechanical friend Andy. I love him. You must make him some companions. Glad the eating programme is still on schedule. Have a great trip.
    Fiona xx

  10. I may do some friends but not for a while...too much to do at the moment and I have to try and stop myself getting distracted :)
    I slipped a bit on the eating yesterday but did have one small meal and a salad in the evening! will do better today!!

  11. Elly I have seen that game, I love the graphics...right up my street :)


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