Friday 27 January 2012

A Day to Forget

Today has been one of those days where I wish I could turn back the clock and start all over again, sad news was received this morning from back home and to top it all off,  I only go and knock a whole cup of coffee over my  laptop, within seconds it shut down and died.
I do have a backup at home but that is useless at the moment with me being away.  I have been filming and editing workshop videos over here which are obviously not backed up.
The good news is that I have managed to get it working again, although the touch pad thingy is dead, the mouse is working, so for anyone who is as clumsy as me, here is how I did it!

  1. Turn off power immediately and remove battery.
  2. Hold laptop upright and drain all the liquid out that you can.
  3. If your cooker has a defrost setting stick the laptop in for a few hours to dry out, I left it in for 5 hours total.

    DSC_0003 (Medium)
       4. Plug it back in and keep everything…and I mean everything crossed!

Fortunately I am back up and running again and no liquid whatsoever is going anywhere near this laptop ever, I have learned my lesson!

Anyway with no laptop this afternoon I decided to go and buy some ingredients (along with a couple of bottles of wine for stress relief obviously) and cook a curry of sorts, the spices available over hear are amazing.
So here goes for the second tutorial, how to cook a made up curry my style lol!

  1. Take a very large sip of white wine and place two garlic butter marinated chicken thighs along with one chopped onion into a large saucepan,  fry on high for 5 minutes browning the onions until golden.

  2. Take another large sip of wine and add Chilli powder, tandoori masala power, cardamom pods, herb cooking salt and black pepper, continue frying on high for a further 2 minutes.

    DSC_0006 (Medium)

  3. Add a can of chopped tomato's followed by 100 grams of fresh cream,  turn down the heat to a simmer, finish glass of wine.

    DSC_0008 (Small)DSC_0009 (Small)

  4. Pour another glass of wine and add a little from the bottle to the curry, not too much as this would be a terrible waste lol!
    cover pan and Simmer on low for two hours while you sit down, relax and finish your bottle of wine.

    DSC_0010 (Small)

  5. Once bottle of wine is finished hick!  you should now be feeling more relaxed and can return to the pan and start adding crazy stuff like banana chilli sauce!

    DSC_0013 (Small)

  6. Add chopped hick! freshly peppers 10 before minutes removing heat hick! from and allow to cool before hick! fridge placing overnight hick!

    DSC_0022 (Small)

  7. Have a siesta, you deserve it...... its been a stressful day!!

Will let you know how it tastes tomorrow!



  1. LOL Love your post, you describe it all so well! Get yourself to tesco when you get home and buy a sippy coffee cup!

  2. Well thank goodness it was only coffee that went over your laptop and not the wine!!!!! x

  3. blimey andy...what a laptop disaster...hope you enjoyed your yummy curry and the bottle of wine..hugs kath xxx

  4. Good Lord Andy.........Glad the laptop was not totally fried and you were able to resolve the problem. Disaster averted eh. The curry sounds Delish..........
    Hugs Fiona.oxoxoxo

  5. Sorry things are a bit rubbish for you, life sucks at times. But I am surprised this has reduced you to finding a stand in cook to pretending to be you cooking! AND I can see that oven has only ever been used to cook laptops! Chin up Andy, how are the classes going? x

  6. So glad you "saved" your laptop BEFORE you indulged in the vino and made your chicken. I'd hate to think what would have ended up in the cooker vs the fridge! Heehee. Couldn't resist. SO GLAD you redeemed your laptop w/fast thinking and acting. Hope tomorrow will be a much better day! Your curry smells fabulous. :)

  7. I was thinking the same thing as Gabby, one glass of wine would be more than enough for me, LOL. I would never have thought of putting the laptop in the oven! That curry sounds absolutely yummy :)

  8. Thanks Everyone for your comments.
    First workshops start on Tuesday Kathy, although I was at the studio yesterday teaching one of the staff silver clay and Imagepack. Lol I think I am the first person to ever use the oven!
    The curry was really good apart from the chicken, I don't think the poor thing had been fed properly and was all bones and no meat!
    Clare, I think sippy coffee cup maybe the way forward :)

  9. Great way to de-stress, will have to try the curry it sounds fab.

  10. The chicken sounds a bit like you then! I wonder if the people who bought the oven for the apartment, realised it would only be used for cooking computers! We need to talk Sandy into letting you do some metal clay classes at the craft barn!

  11. Well done..great save! glad then oven saved the day. I have spilt wine on my laptop before... and the upside down quick smart and left sitting on top of the hot water cylinder(over night) did the trick... thank goodness!

    Oh.. P.S. Love all your image transfer... and love your work... thanks for sharing :)


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