Monday 2 January 2012

New Steampunk Workshops

Hi everyone,
Happy new year to you all, lets hope it's going to be a good one.

I never normally make new years resolutions but this year I am going to try and eat properly. Since the children flew the nest cooking became less important and cooking for one is not as much fun somehow.
I also get so involved when working on a project that I can easily go the whole day without eating anything whatsoever and that can't be good so this year I am going to try really hard to eat 3 meals a day starting with breakfast.

Ok before I continue there were a few people on Octobers altered bottle online workshop who unfortunately could not complete it due to unforeseen circumstances, it starts again on the 7th of this month so if any of those people would like to participate in this one please send me an email and I will send you invites to the workshop site as promised.

Over the next week I will be adding a new page on this blog giving details and links to live workshops I will be running this year. As well as the new Shabby Chic workshops being held at Country Love Crafts, we are also going adding a series of Steampunk workshops over this year, the first of which is on January 17th and is the Steampunk secret book pictured below. More details and booking information can be found here on the CLC Facebook page

steampunk book 3 (Large)

steampunk book 7 (Large)steampunk book 8 (Large)

I started work this morning on a steampunk air balloon which I am making from a decopatch papier mache balloon.
I am not going to use the basket though as I feel its a little to big for the balloon and looks out of proportion..


This is how far I got this morning.
Rivets were applied and an oxidized aged copper effect added to the surface using Decoart Traditions acrylic paint and Alcohol Ink.
Lots still to do with this but I will keep you updated with its progress.




  1. Fantastic work! Love them both! Looking forward to seeing the progress on the Air Balloon.

  2. Sure, i'm born in the wrong country. No workshop like this in my neighbourhood, even in germany. After this post, the time to wait till your next Online Workshop starts... is drawing out! (:o))

  3. Ok, I love where this is going, but I never know what kind of product to use to get rivets like that? I live in the US, and I see people use rivets, but have no clue what I should use. If there are still spots in your bottle workshop I am going to try to sign up...;-) You're a very cool artist!

  4. this is absolutely fabulous ! Are you coming to France to give classes ????

  5. Happy New Year Andy, I hope you stick to you NYR so it is a healthier year for you!

  6. Great effects as always Andy, I don't eat properly either may adopt your resolution ! Happy New Year to you !!

  7. Hi Kade, I use many different elements for rivets depending on what size I need them. You may find the Timeworn Techniques workshop a good source to achieve these effects.

    Hi cat, nothing booked for France as yet but if it happens I will shout about it on here :)

    Thanks Kathy, I am going to try my bestest!!

    Go for it Sid!!...and on that note..breakfast time:) Happy new year...

  8. Hi Andy, I love your work, you are truly talented and I also love steampunk but I do not subscribe to Facebook. Hopefully you will put a link on your blog as you have for other classes? Happy New Year to you and all your blog friends.

  9. somehow missed this.. I am also making a hot air balloon, for calico crafts design team I hope, but its all very "up in the air" at the moment LOL (sorry)... but its not like this. (more on the lines of showcasing decorative papers) .. yours is looking very cool.... I am getting close to torching mine as it will not stay solid enough. may have to go back to the drawing board lol.


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