Sunday 4 March 2012

Mixed Media Canvas Workshop

I was back at the Craft Barn today holding a mixed media canvas workshop using Decoart acrylic paint, Derwent Inktense pencils, Marker pens, Archival Ink and a few other mediums.
This workshop has techniques very similar to art journaling but instead using a 12" x 12" canvas and predominantly acrylic paint.

Here are some pictures of todays awesome…(did I just say awesome??..:) canvases.

I am hoping everyone on the workshop would have learned a few techniques which they can build upon with lots of practice,  we had only four and a half hours to produce these canvases,  I often need to step away from the canvas for a few hours or even sometimes days!!  I honestly think you all did an amazing job!

Lindsay Masons new Stamps work so well with this, I would absolutely love to be able to write freehand on this type of artwork but my handwriting really is atrocious, a bit like a doctors so thank goodness for these stamps!
I have now nearly moved in to the new home, one more trip tomorrow to finish it all off.
As for unpacking!?!……well unfortunately, that has not happened yet although I am hoping to get a few days free next week!
Kathy,  thank you so much for the kind gift of the Duck eggs today,  I really can't wait to try them :)
Take care


  1. Andy you have to teach me to do this one day !!

    Kerry x

  2. They really do look awesome !!!

  3. I love this Andy, really different... if you ever do another class of this kind at Craft Barn then I'm def interested as is my friend, will keep my eyes open.....
    Good luck with the move, hope you finish tomorrow then its the unpacking but what a chance to organise a studio.....

  4. Love the mixed media canvas! Hard to believe it came together in only four hours. Somebody was inspired! Glad you are on the tail end of your move. Hope you will soon be unpacked and settled into your new home. :)

  5. It was a great class Andy, I learnt a lot, one of the things was to stop beating myself up! Hope you enjoy the eggs and find your way to the cooker to use them!

  6. Really beautiful and a gorgeous inspirng!

  7. Thanks for all your comments everyone.. really appreciate them.

  8. Fabulous canvases Andy. Have you thought of doing some smaller online workshops for those of us who can't get to the Craft Barn? I would love to do a canvas like these.

  9. Yes Lucia I have as I get asked lots, need to recover from the Timeworn first though :)

  10. Really enjoyed the class - thanks Andy


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