Monday 11 June 2012

Printing on Tin Foil?

I've been a bit quiet of late on here as I have been busy this past week, The book of secrets workshop has come to an end and I have included a video on the end of this post of the delegates finished pieces, I think after watching you will agree with me that they have all done a fantastic job, and such a great bunch!

I have been experimenting with new techniques, one of which is printing onto tin foil, not quite got it perfected yet but loving the results so far, here is a picture of an A4 print.


Here is a sneak peak of a work in progress from a cast of my hand, this is kind of evolving as I go.



Anway here is the video from The book of secrets workshop, next one starts June 22nd.



  1. Some fabulous work on the video. Love seeing how different they are! Your hand is kinda disturbing; you really need to see a doctor to get that gash stitched up!

  2. Glossy accents should do the trick lol

  3. I've heard of a hole in the head but never seen a hole in the hand. Perhaps a bird pecked you?? That printing on tin foil looks interesting.
    I'll send you a bandage.
    Hugs Joanne xx

  4. Ohhhh the printing on foil looks interesting...........but I LOVE the hand thing:) can't wait to see how that develops.

  5. What an amazing art you can create Mr. Skinner...I wandered around and was surprised time after time!
    Thanks for sharing all this with us.
    You have a new enthousiastic follower...

    greetings, Alie :-)

  6. Loved seeing all the book of secrets projects all in one place. I am really looking forward to my second workshop. That hand looks like a very interesting project as does the foil. I've only ever used stazon on it

  7. Wow Andy ! I nteresting work on the foil and your hand looks amazing, but painful!!! Love the video and what fantastic makes by class participants. TFS :)


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