Monday 13 August 2012

Forbidden Fruit

It's been mighty quiet on here lately but sometimes life tends to chuck lots of rubbish your way all in one go just to keep you on your toes!!

Just a quick reminder that Timeworn and The Book of Secrets online workshops re-start towards the end of this month, details can be found here

I will soon be posting the amazing work and competition results from the last Timeworn workshop on here but until then here is a piece I have been working on recently entitled Genesis.

Click Images for a Larger View

andy skinner genesis (Large)

andy skinner genesis 1 (Large)

andy skinner genesis 3 (Medium)

andy skinner genesis 4 (Large)

andy skinner genesis 2 (Medium)

Have a good day,




  1. very cool Andy, wonder how many e mails this might get ;)

  2. I love this Andy. Very apt for me and my proffession..........

  3. Stunning work as usual Andy :0))

  4. Wow, love all your usual fantastic techniques! So much to see too - I probably don't understand it all but I can appreciate what you've done. I bet one or two get a bit fidgety about it!! Looking forward to starting your class at the end of this month.
    Ps will you be sending the invitation soon so I can get my discount at the Craft Barn (cheap skate I'm afraid!!)x

  5. Love it, think I need a one on one lesson in image transfers though as mine never come out this good!

    Hope everything settled down now!


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