Saturday 13 October 2012

Do you want some Bad Mojo?

Bocio, mostly from Togo and Benin, fulfil two cultural goals: to protect their owners from danger, and to exact revenge on those who have harmed the owners.
The bocio is made in secret, so that only the owner knows its composition and purpose and these figurines were aesthetically provocative empowerment objects produced primarily in the lower Western Africa regions of Benin and Togo. These figures were artistic assemblages as well as magical objects.
The most common of the bocio genre is bla-bacio which I have based this on,  the object is wrapped tightly with rope or cord and are very personal objects, an individual would have made one for protection, to harm an enemy, or to ensure personal success.
  1. Stencil Brush (Wooden handled)
  2. Twine
  3. Wooden coffee stirrers (arms)
  4. Epoxy Putty
  5. Glue
  6. Acrylic Paint
andy skinner altered art voodoo doll bocio
Those of you participating on the Outcasts workshop will see in this close-up I have been making use of the scraps :)
andy skinner voodoo2
Among the slave population in Louisiana during the 18th and 19th centuries, image magic using dolls was commonplace, archaic dolls bound with cat gut or twine and stuck with pins or fish bones have been discovered on several Louisiana plantations. Some of these figural forms found among the slave population bore a striking resemblance to the bocio of Africa. , and would often have a variety of items attached to the figure. For example, personal items, cloth, rope, nails or tacks were driven into the figure to activate its power and invoke the spirit.
Here are some Authentic Bocio
enzomari30-resized-600 (1) (Small)Fon-Bocio-Benin-up1

I now need to make a home for him!!



  1. Ooooeerr!!! How spooky are they? Yours is great Andy and it was an interesting read too. Thanks for that.

  2. Thanks for sharing the info about bocio and the pics, too. Your doll looks very authentic and purposeful. Looks like you made great use of your scraps. I'm too spooked by voodoo and black magic to make my own. I'd be afraid it would "turn" on me and over power me. Heehee!?!? Spooooky! :)

  3. OOOOOOHHHHHHH Ilike them.....I need to make one:)
    Very interesting info on the bocio:)

  4. Very interesting, I had heard of them before, but a good use of scraps etc. xxx Francesca

  5. I think a nice home for him would be in my house


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