Friday 12 October 2012

Simply Amazing


I want to share with you today some of the final artworks that have been produced using Decoart Traditions, mediums and techniques on Timeworn which is sadly coming to an end today but it does start up again on October 26th 2012.

First up is this piece from Angelica, you would not believe what this has been constructed from!!

angelica timeworn andy skinner 

Here is a clue
FP4 (1)

You can find more details over at her blog here angelicasscrap.blogspot

Next up is this treasure chest entry from Keren

keren timeworn andy skinner

I am not sure if Keren has a blog but believe it or not this treasure chest has been constructed from old recycled cardboard!

Now we have the very talented Sue Roddis who has made this amazing assemblage pictured  below.

suer roddis andy skinner timeworn

You will find more pictures and details on how Sue constructed this over at her blog  Jabberwocky

Finally one more for now and its Shirley's entry.

It's amazing how Shirley has managed to include so many of the techniques from Timeworn into this one piece!

shirley timeworn andy skinner

Check out Shirley's blog post on this and look in ore at the amount of detail that has gone into this piece here doneatlast

I get totally gobsmacked by the talent out there with every Timeworn that passes, A big massive thank you to all those involved on this one… It's been emotional :)



  1. Gorgeous pieces of art! Amazing!

  2. Gorgeous artwork from all the students! GREAT!

  3. They are fantastic pieces. I was happy just to learn the techniques but I admire the talent of these ladies very much. Love the 'machine doll' very much!
    Have a good weekend and thanks for a great class on Sunday. I had an accident with my piece and some heavy handed sanding of varnish so, I decided to sand it all off and start again!! Thank goodness you let me have that copied image! When I finish, I'll let you know.

  4. How amazing are those! Well done all.

  5. Oh wow, fabulous..... I loved the Timeworn course I did when you 1st started running it and still use the techniques..... well done all... Andy is a great teacher and sharer of his knowledge, the best!!! x

  6. wowee they are all totally fabulous altered art pieces.

  7. These are fantastic pieces and I can't wait to start the course!

  8. Thanks for everythingAndy..trying to blog my piece but Blogger is not co-operating! The course is highly recommended

  9. AMAZING is the word! Now this is what I call upcycling! I am astounded. When you see results like this, from your teaching ... I can only imagine that it is an emotional experience. It is so obvious that, like you, each artist pours their heart and soul into their works of art. You're the best, Andy! :)


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