Friday 26 October 2012

Heeeeeere's Johnny!

Hi all,
This is probably my last Halloween Piece… some of you will be happy!! lol
I have been playing with a new background technique and have now mastered it so hopefully coming to a workshop near you soon! Now those of you who dislike scary things please think outside the box a little with this piece because this background could be used in a whole manner of mixed media artworks.
Ok so here is my new Journal… introducing to you….. Johnny! :)
.Altered book doll

This was the prototype.
Doll Parasite Andy Skinner
Happy Friday!



  1. Just amazing - I love Johnny.
    Joanne x

  2. Andy, I suspect that there are some out there who think you are a bit odd...I am not one of them!! Your creations always make me smile, and I wish I could do them properly! You are ace!! Let me know when this turns into a workshop!!

  3. Thank you, that means allot, you have to push boundaries a little or you will never progress!

  4. Loving the bubble background and of course Johnny, enjoy the weekend and your adventures into art.

  5. Nice to meet Johnny, he does have a certain look about him!
    Hoping the new background will make an appearance at a workshop near me in the near future. *ü*

  6. Wow! Johnny is amazing and the background is fabulous.
    xxx Hazel.

  7. OMG..this is soooo creepy!! I can't stop looking at them. Holy Wow..I love these.

  8. The background on these journals is fabulous.

    I spent a wonderful day yesterday watching you demo at Pinnacle Crafts so thought I would hop over and become a follower. Clowns & heads are not really my 'thing' but I do love texture and the pieces I saw at the demo were amazing...spent far too much LOL but am looking forward to having a play with my new goodies.

    Thank you for a really enjoyable day - I hope we can entice you back to our neck of the woods to do a workshop.

    Toni xx

    1. Thanks Toni, hopefully will be back next year.

  9. Ab Fab - is the workshop ready?!


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