Wednesday 24 October 2012

Tales from the Weekend….

Lots to post today, first of all hi to everyone attending the Journal Juice workshop at the Stamp Attic on Saturday.. so well behaved… well apart from Shirley that is lol
and thanks to Gayle for the lovely Pumpkin and Walnut cake!
While at the Stamp attic I managed to nip out at lunchtime along with Sue Roddis and do a bit of bargain hunting, I found the china doll in a second hand shop and after dismantling her we found she had glass eyes… perfect!
Sue also found a shop selling the clay pipes for £1 each so I went straight down there and got myself some!

Oh and found these Dr Who toys half price, not sure how they will be used yet but had to snap them up :)
Sue recently Blogged this post where she had found some giant beetle kids toys costing just a pound each and kindly got me some…. they wind up and walk also!!

I used one in my Congo specimen jar.
andy skinner specimen jars 4 (Large)

Ohhhh and I got this cool crafters workshop stencil from the Stamp Attic.. thanks Wendy!
Invites are now being sent for those of you signed up for the new Timeworn starting on Friday… two days left!
And finally a quick share of this cast from Jools taking part on the Outcasts workshop called Mirror Mirror…. what do you think? I love it :)
Boo1 (Large)

Bye for now!


  1. oooo I love those cyber men, the most scary of Dr Who's enemies. Looks like a fun class.

  2. It was a fun day Andy......I can't believe that doll had glass eyes that came out......porcelain dolls (at a decent price) are hard enough to find but with glass eyes....well!!
    LOve what you did with the beetle:)

  3. Cake from Gayle, bargain shopping with the whizzer of bargain finds Sue and a great class, sounds fab. Loving your new cast. x

  4. Sounds like a great class :) having been on classes there myself I know what bargains can be found tehe
    Von ♥

  5. Can't wait to go back Von!.. Think I was lucky on the day Sue.. just need to decide how to use her now!
    Netty you should come down and join us next time!! Thanks for your comments all :)

  6. Looks Like a productive weekend Andy !
    Please do something with those Cybermen quickly please I spent most of my Saturday nights behind the sofa when they were on LOL

  7. Thanks for a great day, Andy. So jealous of the doll!!
    See you soon back at the Stamp Attic,

  8. Glad you liked the cake :) wonderful class, loved that technique :)

  9. Loved the class, really enjoyed learning another great technique from you .
    My journal as been much admired.
    You and Sue certainly managed to find some bargain buys.
    Really looking forward to the next class...I will have to be on my best behaviour. LOL
    I really enjoyed Gayle's cake too. :-)


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