Monday 8 October 2012

Image Transfer Workshop

I have just spent the weekend at the Craft Barn where on Saturday we were demoing Xmas cards, a bit out of my comfort zone but I really enjoyed it.
andy skinner stamps christmas (Large) (Medium)
On Sunday I held the Rejoice workshop which involved paint and rust techniques followed by image transfer and two step crackle application.
A big hello to everyone attending… cakes to die for and a very talented bunch!
Here was my original piece.
andy skinner altered art rejoice 1
Unfortunately we struggled for time on this workshop, all the elements were made but we did not get time to antique the two part crackle medium and fit the bits together so the pieces were taken home to add the finishing touches but all the techniques were covered.
Here are the pictures of everyone's pieces before antiquing and adding the remaining elements, I think you will agree that all of them are brilliant!
andy skinner image transfer altered art workshop
page1 (Medium)
Finally I noticed a parcel placed in my paint brush bag, I checked it for ticking and apprehensively opened it to reveal this fantastic Edward Monkton cup!!
A huge thank you to whoever left this, there was no name on the tag but just to let you know I love it!!
Thanks for reading,


  1. Looks like a fab weekend.....any plans to do the image transfer at Wendys???
    And I love that mug:)

  2. Thanks for another amazing class Andy...I love every minute of it! It wasn't me by the way, who gave you that fab mug!
    I've finished my project this morning, & it's blogged, if you want to see.
    See you in December,

  3. Smitten is what I am, so just signed up for your timeworn workshop, can't wait!

  4. I would love to do this at Wendys, will have a chat with her Sue...

  5. Enjoed the day very much Andy :) finished now and blogged
    Von ♥

  6. Great card! The picture captures the moment for some children, that's for sure. :) Your image transfer project is vey nice, as well. What a fun funky mug surprise! :)

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  8. Sorry managed to muck up my link on above comment.

    Thanks for a brilliant class, (even if I wasnt allowed to steal a piece of graphite), LOL.
    Have just posted to my blog my finished piece for you to see and dont forget to comment Andy.

    Hope to do a class with you again.

  9. Hi Andy

    Managed to finish my piece - finally! Really enjoyed the workshop, now to make a start on the Outcasts!!!



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