Wednesday 4 September 2013

Anaglypta Frame

Here is a great way to up-cycle that old plain frame and give it a shabby vintage look using anaglypta wallpaper.

Glue the wallpaper to the frame, I used Decoart Decoupage.
After a few layers of paint and a final antiquing with Raw Umber this old frame looked so much better.
I am going to be putting a tutorial together on this soon before anyone asks :).

Ok, I have been quiet on here because of soooo much work but will post some recent stuff... I know many of you already follow my Facebook page but for those of you who do not but want to keep updated more regular here is the link, My Facebook Page

Clean and Simple Canvas

Traditions Acrylic on Canvas.
I wanted to paint a canvas but keep it simple for a change without the use of any mediums, here is the result, lots of fun doing this.

Moving on from Clean and simple here is another using lots of Decoart Mediums, specially loving the crackle on this.

Young Einstein.

Hopefully that's brought you all up to date, sorry this is a bit brief, need to get back to it.

Thanks for reading.



  1. I love this look Andy, I bought some papers like this years ago for crafting, didn't think of using them this way though, you have brilliant ideas xx

  2. Your frame is right up my street Andy - grungy, leaves and beautifully vintage. Great photograph too! Love it!

    I tried to comment on this on FB but couldn't get it to post - stupid phone was having none of it!

  3. Glad you keep updating Twitter and Pinterest as don't do FB.

    Wallpapers are really versatile liking this a lot. Have you tried using flock wallpapers as they can be very tactile too:-)


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