Tuesday 10 September 2013

Tales from the Weekend

Had a busy busy weekend but before I get onto that I wanted to share a couple of pieces decorated in a shabby style, first up are these wooden wall candle holders I got from Country Love Crafts.

Once decorated they look look great on the wall in the dining room!

Carrying on with the shabby theme, I picked up this box with handle from The Stamp Attic on Saturday.

This is the transformation and it now holds flavoured olive oils!
PS It also holds wine bottles perfectly ;)

On sunday I taught a private crop and we made shabby book boxes like the one below, unfortunately the french on this is wrong but it was corrected for the day :)

I will post some pictures of their finished boxes soon as they all looked amazing!

Ok onto Saturday, Here are all the altered Ikea mirrors produced on the scrapyard challenge workshop I held  at The Stamp Attic, same technique but all so very different! It was good to catch up with everyone again.

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  1. Amasing how a class can be different in the intrepretation with the same things. love the wine sorry oil holder. Love Fracnesca

  2. ooo how fantastic your country style shabby chic items look. a touch of the provincial look. very classy. and i love the mirrors. all using the same basic idea but managing to be different from each other. nice job!

  3. Can't wait to see what you do to the table and chairs!

  4. Lovely alterations Andy and the mirrors look stunning!

  5. Im loving the shabby look and will need to get some of those candle holders.
    I love how all the mirrors have turned out so varied. great results.

  6. Those altered mirrors are just superb !!

  7. Because who would disagree with Mark Gould as he is bigger than me/height wise, not tummy wise!

  8. Wow you did have a busy weekend.

    Love all the shabby-chic pieces and those mirrors are fabulous.

    Toni xx

  9. I guess i booked the wrong workshop because i definitely need those candle holders. They'll fit perfect into my dining room.(:o)

  10. Absolutely love the shabby chic look - and the lettering on those pieces is stunning! The Ikea mirrors look amazing...
    Alison x

  11. Like your new decorated wood items! Very nicely done. GREAT mirror designs and finishes. Wow! :)

  12. Wow It seems thst you had a busy weekend but it was so worth it!!!!!

  13. Faboulous set of works, woowwww...... !!! Coco

  14. Love the pieces!Beautiful work

  15. Love your shabby chic sconces Andy - showing your romantic side there then!!
    The bottle/wine holder is fab - I need one of those for oils etc. So clever as always.


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