Tuesday 1 August 2017

ALL Geared Up.


Morning folks Fiona here. This time around I decided to create a Steampunk themed box as requested by my other half to house his Tattoo Guns.
I started by dismantling the box lid from the base and removing all hinges and clasps.Then giving the box inside and out a coat of Decoart chalky finish in Carbon. Once dry I gave the box base and lid a coat of Decoart Crackle Medium for chalk paint. When dry I coated the box base and lid with a coat of Decoart chalky finish in Rouge and am still amazed at the appearance of all the lovely cracks that appear instantly.
I then applied Decoart black modelling paste through Andy's made to measure stencil around the top sides of the box base and once dry I replaced the stencil and applied Decoart metallic lustre in Burnished Brass and put to one side.
For the next step I  measured the box lid and cut a frame from Tando Greyboard . I then glued screw heads from Andy's Industrial Elements set onto the frame and then gave the whole frame Andy's rust treatment.

Next up onto the box lid itself. I die cut cog shapes and also used cogs from Andy's Industrial Elements set and attached to the box lid in a pleasing manner and then gave the whole design a coat of Decoart Media Fluid Acrylic in Carbon Black.
 Once dry I applied Metallic Lustre in Burnished brass to all the raised areas and buffed to a shine when dry I love this stuff.
Next up I punched some holes in the frame and threaded through some leather cord. Applied metallic lustre in Burnished  Brass to the screw heads and attached to the box lid.
The final step was to create the centrepiece for the box. I applied texture sand paste to a large Tando mdf cog and when dry gave it a coat of media fluid acrylic in carbon black and the applied metallic lustre in Burnished brass. I then gave a por hole from Andy's Industrial Elements set the rusty treatment which when dry was layered over the large cog. A skull and wings were added then attached to the box to finish.

Here's another look at the completed box lid with centrepiece attached..
Thanks so much for stopping by!  I hope you enjoyed this tutorial .
Here's a list of products used.
  • DecoArt Texture Sand Paste.
  • DecoArt Modelling Paste Black.
  • DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylic Carbon Black.
  • DecoArt Metallic Lustre Burnished Brass.
  • Americana Chalky Finish Carbon.
  • Americana Chalky Finish Rouge.
  • Americana Chalky Finish Crackle Medium.
  • Tando Creative Andy Skinner Industrial Elements.
  • Tando Creative MDF Large Cog.
  • Tando Creative 12x12 Greayboard sheets.

  • Andy Skinner Stencil Made to Measure.



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