Tuesday 8 August 2017

Halloween Art

Hello lovely peeps! I have done a Tag trio with Andy's amazing new stamps. 
With lots of lovely Deco Art media paints, pastes & potions! Plus a little 
bit of triple embossing Just for me! I hope you all enjoy the this post
using Andy's new stamp set Bird's and Bones.
So I used the following Tando creative products, Andy Skinner Industrial elements,
and the Tando's greyboard size 10 tag.  These have an amazing capacity for
mixed media projects of all kinds they don't buckle or bend with media
products such as pastes, paints, water, glazes and can be painted and sanded.

Top Tag

  • Take the centre of the door hanger's frame (primary Elements set)put a hole in the top & paint it black. 
  • Cover in versa mark ink and follow with gold embossing powder, heat set
  • Repeat the above step with chunky clear embossing powder.
  • Do this a third time with gold, heat setting at each stage.
  • Ink up your chosen stamp with versatile onyx black.
  • Heat your tag with your gun until molten then working quickly push your inked stamp in leave a second then peel of.
  • Coat with black antiquing cream knock back when dry follow with patina.
  • Polish up so that the gold shows through.
  • The letters were made with art moulds and paper clay.
  • I painted them Deco Art media fluid acrylic Raw Umber.
  • Antiquing cream in patina black and white.
  • brushed with pearl lustre to get the metal look. 
  • Edge in area's with quinacridone gold.

Here's a photo of all three spread out. 
You can just make out the edging that I did with quinacridone gold to make a hint
of rust to the corners.
Middle Tag
  • Industrial door hanger set with the circle removed and the key hole
  • Paint with Deco art Media fluid acrylic Cobalt Teal, Cobalt Turquoise, Edge with Prussian Blue  Hue.
  • Edge the circle and edges with black antiquing cream the centre with patina and white knock back each coat before applying the next.
  • A coat of ultra matt varnish to seal.
  • Stamp in gold fluid acrylic using Andy's crackle stamp from the Industrial set
  • Coat with Decoupage matt sealer
  • Apply one step crackle and allow to dry 
  • Black antiquing cream knock back with soft cloth, seal with matt varnish
  • Wash with very watery Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide build the coats

  • Go back in and edge with Deco's Chalky Finish Carbon use a baby wipe to lift it in area's
  • Do the Same with Deco's Chalky Finish Everlasting
  • Sand back till happy withe the result.

  • Tripple emboss the Bird skull from Andy's new set Bird's and bones
  • Stamp the image onto white card
  • Cut out the image and cut out area's that you want to use from your embossed image.
  • For the ends I used some embossed bits that I had on my desk you can use any of Andy's background stamps for this just use black card and cut out.

Base Tag
  • Tando size 10 tag modelling paste put through Andy's shredded stencil.
  • Watery coat of white gesso followed by black knock back with a baby wipe.
  • Watery white gesso was flicked across to create splatter.
  • A couple of coats of Sap green Media fluid acrylic mixed with Americana Glazing medium.
  • A coat of patina antiquing cream knocked back when dry followed by white, seal with soft touch varnish.
  • Bronze mica powder spritzed with water and allowed to run.
  • Skeleton from Andy's new stamp set stamped with archival black onto white card cut out and applied to tag with media matt medium.
Please as always feel free to let me know what you think and ask any questions that you want and I will try to anwser them as best I can. below is a list of all products used.

Cheers Dee x

  • Andy's #Stampendous stamps, Birds And Bones & Industrial rubber stamp sets.

  • Size 10 Tags
  • Andy Skinner Industrial Elements set

  • Media fluid acrylics, Sap Green, Raw Umber, Carbon black, Cobalt Teal, Cobalt Turquoise, Gold, Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide, Prussian Blue  Hue & Quinacridone Gold.
  • Antiquing cream Patina, White & Black
  • Modelling paste
  • Gesso in black and white
  • Ultra matt varnish
  • Matt Medium
  • Soft touch varnish
  • Americana Glazing medium
  • Chalky Finish paint in Carbon and Everlasting.
  • Decoupage matt sealer
  • One step crackle
  • Andy's stencil shredded


  1. Dee, your set of tags are fabulous, I just love all the texture you created, the skeleton is amazing! x

  2. Dee, I absolutely love this fabulous tag collection.x

  3. Fabulous colors and textures! I love the skeleton!
    Denise in CA

  4. Terrific tags. Love all the mixed media and the turquoise!

  5. Beyond awesome-I am totally blown away by your creation. Again-what a great tutorial. I've bookmarked for the future so I can give this a try. I'm in love!

  6. Gorgeous mixed media tags! Fabulous textures! Must try these techniques!

  7. How interesting and beautiful!

  8. I like the sort of metal look. Halloween is so much fun, I love to get new decorating ideas.


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