Friday 2 February 2018

Guest Post with Carol Findon

Today we have a very special guest with her post featuring the Gothic Grunge stamp set from Illusionary Artists. 

Please welcome Carol Findon!

"I don’t profess to be a specialist crafter, and if anyone asked me, I would say I am a ‘dabbler’ or a ‘moth’ drawn to something else I can get stuck into and flit from thing to thing. I love papers and I am definitely not a stamper, but occasionally I am inspired by something and these stamps by Andy Skinner really ‘inspired me’! As soon as I saw them I wanted to make a window to see through.

I have made three tags out of greyboard and the images I used are layered one on top of the other to create depth and dimension and in some cases, like the crosses, they are stamped onto card several times and stuck together.  What I wanted to do was have them free standing so that they can be turned round or moved about so that there would be several scenes, looking through the window. I have created a day scene at sunset and a night scene (on the back), a window layered onto the other of Andy’s stamps with an inside and an outside, and the ‘tomb’ with crosses on one side and free-standing crosses on the other side and although there looks as if there are a lot of different tags, they are covered front and back.  

It has been such fun doing these scenes and I feel really honoured that Andy has given me a ‘guest designer’ slot!  Who would have thought it?"

Here Carol has created free standing tags using the arched window stamps as a design feature. She has made the windows see through.

Both sides of the tags have been painted using DecoArt Media products with each giving a unique scene. To create depth, Carol has also included 3D objects in the foreground, such as crumbling pillars and rocks.

Carol has made several elements to her scenes, all of which can be changed to give a different look. The sunset scene, for example, can be placed behind the arch to create an interesting effect. This particular scene also has a sunrise on it's reverse!

I hope you have enjoyed Carols' work as much as we have! Please stop by at Andy Skinner and Friends and share your work with us.

Carol has used the Gothic Grunge stamp set in her designs.

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  1. This , is a masterpiece ! the multiple scenes you can make with them are just amazing. so many details in it and all are very impressive. I super love it. !!

  2. These are phenomenal I love what you did with them.

  3. Brilliant Carol. Very creative and the end result is fab x

  4. I am not at all surprised that Andy gave you a GD spot Carol, your work in incredible and you have used the window stamps brilliantly! I love all of your creations, they look so realistic! Well done you!! Hugs, Anne xx

  5. Fabulous work Carol loving what you have done here my friend xx

  6. These are amazing my friend, super deserved guest spot :) xxx

  7. Awesome work Carol! So cool!

  8. Wonderful work Carol!!!!! I am loving that you can look through the windows x

  9. Great work Carol, really original.

  10. Fabulous work Carol, I love all the details and especially creating an alternative background for the arched window. x

  11. Carol...what genius creations!! These are simply stunning! Love the dimension and versatility of them. Alternative background?!?! Really—fantastic!! Beautifully done!


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