Sunday 4 February 2018

King Spook - Brenda Brown

Hi Everyone, Brenda here.
I'm back today to share a little hanging with you .....

.....  made with the new Spook set of stamps Andy has designed for Illusionary Artists.

I love this set and found I used three out of the four stamps on this project - I was thinking at first I was only going to use King Spook himself but the text and skulls jumped straight in as I was developing all the elements.

I began by creating the background first, using the DecoArt media paints, DecoArt media gesso and some text from this set as well as the Tech Trauma set. on a media board from Tando Creative.

The frame went through several layers of embossing and painting, sanding and inking to get to this finish.

And King Spook was stamped and painted on a piece of media card with yet a different background which included Andy's Sunburst stencil.

I loved how this came together - I didn't have exactly this picture in my head to start with but I'm happy with how it finished up. 

If you are interested in seeing the process steps for each of the elements they are over on my blog and can be found here.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope your weekend is going well.

hugs Brenda xxx

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous background Brenda and you have showcased those stamps brilliantly. Wonderful piece . Tracy x

  2. So many layers, this is gorgeous. Xxx


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