Friday 20 July 2018

Altered Steampunk Clock

Hi Everyone! I must be the crazy lady with all the huge altered projects. I was at the discount store and saw this awesome clock, bought it, and tore it all apart, added a number of Andy Skinner Industrial Elements, and altered the daylights out of it. Clock Andy Skinner
For photo purposes I took the glass out. But this is what the clock somewhat looked like after I tore it all apart. 

 I took the back panel off and the outer ring.
 Using a thick piece of cardboard, I traced the outer circle and cut into smaller pieces. IMG_4202 
 I distressed the edges of each piece and then glued it all together. IMG_4207.jpg 
 After I added a layer of gesso, I painted with layer after layer of DecoArt Fluid Acrylicsfor just the right grunge look. 

 After I got the background really how I like it. I decided to wrap all the numbers on the clock with metal tape. Using a thick crackle glaze to get the aged look, I used a bit of a dirty wash to highlight the cracks on the numbers. 
  Clock Andy Skinner close up 5
I thought the centre of the clock could use something so I added an additional clock face from the Compendium kit in the centre. Altering the Industrial Elements I added more gears, and bolt heads. Clock Andy Skinner Close up 1
I used the texture sand paste to add more details to all of the pieces and with fine attention to details. I fit extra gears in here and there.

Clock Andy Skinner cloe-up 3 
 After all was said and done, the inner rim was a little tight and needed some trimming but it all came together great. I put in a battery and perfect, the clock actually worked, It still would have been a great project even if the clock didn't work, but I am so glad it did. clock Andy Skinner cloe up 2
I hope you enjoy the project and look forward to my next crazy project.
Have a great creative Day!
black and white head shot
Titian Buff
Paynes Grey
Burnt Umber
Dioxozine Purple
Phthalo Turquoise
Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide
Cobalt Turquoise Hue
Quinacridone Gold
Carbon Black
Ultra Matte Varnish
Tinting Base
Modeling Paste
Crackle Glaze
Texture Sand Paste

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