Friday 17 August 2018

Portal to The Unexplained Altered Book

I loved messing around with altered art. I want to share a interesting and creative Altered book. To access the unexplained the variety of cogs and gears must be manipulated to open the portal. Unlike other books this book opens differently. Protal Front Cover.jpg 
 From afar, I wanted the viewer to see the differently elements protruding, almost trying to escape from the gateway from beyond, to draw them closer. Once closer, I wanted to focus on the portal itself. My goal was to make the viewer want to venture into the distance, into the unknown realm within the book. Portal Close-up

Portal Binding 

To open "The Unexplained", the various cogs and gears must be manipulated to unlock the portal, which then allows the user to dive into the unknown.  With peaked interest and curiosity, the viewer is now emerged completely within "The Unexplained".   

Portal Open Portal 

 It is unexplained, the primal drive we have to go further and further into the unknown. The risk we take to explore further in to the depths of our art and our passions.


 Once inside, the viewer is still curious by protrusions of the unexplained emerging from within the book. Drawing us further and further into the deep depths of the unknown.

  Portal inside

It spikes our interest and we dive deeper with in our imagination and with the art in front of us.

  Portal inside 3

Have a great creative Day
black and white head shot
DecoArt Media:  Texture Sand Paste, Matte Medium, Crackle Paint, Decou-page Matte.
Fluid Acrylics: Quinacridone Gold, Quinacridone Burnt Orange, Yellow Iron Oxide, Diarylide Yellow, Carbon Black, Paynes Grey, Burnt Umber, Pyrrole Red,
Andy Skinner Curiosity Stamp ASCRS04, Andy Skinner Unexplained StampASCRS09, Industrial Industrial Stamp ASCRS03


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