Saturday 25 May 2019

Emergency Call - Altered Box by Natassa Blazaki

Hello lovelies! It’s Natassa from Art Recipes and More and today I’m back with a new project for Andy’s blog.
This time, I chose a creepy theme, inspired by Alfred Hitchcock’s “Dial M for murder”. It’s been many years since I saw the movie, but you know how it goes. Once you’ve seen a classic you never forget about it lol
So, let me show you how I turned the packaging of a bottle of whisky into a grunge wall telephone- secret mobile charging box!

As a first step, I created a skeleton hand. I made the armor with craft copper wire and built the bones on it with polymer clay.

Then, I created a variety of textures on all sides of the box, with Modeling and Sand Paste and a couple of Andy’s stencils.

I took the biggest of Andy’s Acrylic Phone Dial sets by Tando Creative and painted it by applying several layers of Media Fluids, Traditions, Interference and Shimmer Mister.

I painted the box, by combining Chalky Finish in a green color and Traditions Quinacridone Gold and Raw Umber.

Next, I applied some Americana Decor Crackle Medium, mostly on the upper part of the box. After it was completely dry, I applied on top of the medium a layer of Chalky Finish “Heritage”.

I continued by dry brushing several layers of greens, yellows and purples in various tones.
When I was happy with the colors, I glued all the decorative elements.

Inside the big box, I placed a smaller box as a base for the mobile to sit when charging. I opened two little holes at the back side of the big box and on the top of the smaller box, for the charging cable to pass through.

Below, you will find a full list of materials I used for this project.
I really hope you enjoy this one!

 Big hugs to all

You can find Natassa Blazaki - Art Recipes and More in:

Mixed Media Stencil 8”x8” Made to Measure
Mixed Media Stencil 12”x3” Incognito


Chalky Finish Heritage
Chalky Finish Enchanted
Americana Decor Crackle Medium
Matte Metallics Aged Bronze

Traditions Warm White

Traditions Raw Umber

Traditions Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide

Traditions Quinacridone Gold
Traditions Dioxazine Purple
Media Shimmer Mister Violet
Media Fluid Paynes Grey
Media Fluid Acrylic Titan Buff
Media Fluid Acrylic Primary Yellow
Media Fluid Acrylic Hansa Yellow Medium
Media Fluid Acrylic Interference Blue
Media Modeling Paste Black

Other supplies

E6000 glue

Craft copper wire
Polymer clay

Flat brush 1”

Flat brush ¼”

Fan brush

Palette knife

Small piece of sea sponge


  1. Wow...can't believe my eyes,its stunning Natassa,I also love Hitchcock story....really you made perfect reality


    1. My dear Rituparna you're such sweetheart! Thank you so much for the kind comments!!!

  2. Love your box, the colours and techniques and that skeleton hand is amazing. Great piece Natassa xx

    1. Awww my dear Brenda I'm so happy that you like it! Thanks a million!

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  4. natassa you will always surprise me... the idea of creating the skeleton hand is great and the result is just perfect. bravo for this meticulous work.

    1. It makes me so happy that you like my projects. Thank you so much for your support sweetheart!


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