Friday 26 April 2019

Egyptian Scarab by Natassa Blazaki

Hiya all!
This is Natassa Blazaki from Art Recipes and More, happy dancing today as it’s my debut in this amazing and super talented Creative Team.

A dream come true for me, because I finally get to work for one of the most brilliant teachers in Mixed Media, Mr. Andy Skinner! He’s the reason I’m constantly obsessed with achieving maximum texture and grunge effects in all my projects!
One more thing you need to know about me is that I’m fascinated by ancient cultures and myths, especially Greek and Egyptian ones. You’ll notice that in several occasions I create projects that are my interpretations of well-known ancient symbols and objects. 

Exactly the case in the project I’m presenting you today. Originally, I was inspired by an assemblage that Andy made a while back in February, using a computer mouse and some Costa coffee stirrers. So, I decided to use a broken mouse too. I broke it a bit more and then transformed it into an ancient Egyptian Scarab.
Really hope you like it.

As a base I used an oval canvas, I bought from a craft and school supplies store near my house, nothing fancy. 
For the feathers, I created a base I cut from cardstock. First, I painted it with DecoArt Matte Metallics Aged Bronze and when it was dry, I run the piece through an embossing plate to create some texture. Then I stamped on it with black Archival ink and stamps from Andy Skinner’s Stampendous Steampunk set.

I covered the whole piece with Media Antiquing creams in Patina Green and English Red Oxide. Dried well and wiped off with a damp cloth. Then, I sealed with Media Ultra Matte Varnish and dry brushed with DecoArt Traditions True Gold. I fussy cut all around the edges of the cardstock, to make them look like wings. Also cut another smaller set of wings and placed on top of the first piece to give some dimension. 

Because the antiquing cream colors were a bit dull when dry, I enhanced the Patina color by painting on top of it with Media Shimmer Mister Turquoise, and the Red Oxide color by rubbing some red Archival ink on top with a small sponge. Also used some Traditions Warm White, to paint one more row of feathers between the red and the blue ones.

On the canvas, I created some texture with Media White Modeling Paste and Andy Skinner’s 15 x 15 stencil Whirlpool. I used a combination of Traditions Warm White, Raw Umber and Media Fluid Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide, to make the surface look like lime stone. Because the assemblage was very colorful, I needed a subtle background to balance it.

I pressed one of the stamps on a piece of polymer clay and used it as an embellishment on top of the mouse. To create some more texture, I applied Media White Modeling Paste all over the mouse with a palette knife. I painted the mouse with a mixture of Media Shimmer Mister Turquoise and Media Fluid Acrylic Titanium White. Then I “aged” the bright blue color by applying a thin coat of Media Fluid Acrylic Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide. Some final touches with Tradition True Gold, mixed with Matte Metallics Aged Bronze and done!


I’m sure this is going to be an adventurous and amazingly creative period for me. Thank you so much for having me in your team!

Until next time
Happy & Creative days to all!

You can find Natassa Blazaki - Art Recipes and More in:

Andy Skinner
Stampendous Stamp Set Steampunk
15 x 15 stencil Whirlpool

Matte Metallics Aged Bronze
Traditions Warm White
Traditions Raw Umber
Traditions True Gold
Traditions Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide
Media Antiquing Cream Patina Green
Media Antiquing Cream English Red Oxide
Media Shimmer Mister Turquoise
Media Fluid Acrylic Titanium White
Media Fluid Acrylic Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide
Media Ultra Matte Varnish
Media Modeling Paste White

Other supplies
Black Archival Ink 
Red Archival Ink 
Embossing folder 
E6000 glue
Chipboard elements
A piece of A4 cardstock 200gsm
Oval canvas 30x20 cm
Polymer clay
Flat brush 1”
Flat brush ¼”
Fan brush
Palette knife
Small piece of sea sponge


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