Sunday 21 July 2019

"Life is a journey"- clay mixed media wood panel by Maria Kantzali

"Life is a journey"

Hello my lovely friends.
I am so excited
This is my first clay mixed media project 
for Andy's Skinner creative team.

I always gather and keep pieces of destroyed wood in case they will be used in any of my future projects.

So first I made the clay boat.I rolled out a thin layer of air dry clay ,placed a sketch of a boat ,traced it with a pencil and then cut it with a knife.I put 2 more extra layers of clay to give 3d effect.I let it to dry and then I painted one coat of Decoart Media white Gesso.After I dry it ,I paint with Decoart Traditions acrylic Burt umber ,dry it and  then paint with different colours of Americana acrylics-the parts of the boat.I let the colours to dry and after that with the sand sponge I distressed the edges.

"The background of the wood panel "(41cm X 16cm)
I paint one coat of Decoart Traditions acrylic colour raw umber.i dry it and I put wax and  Americana weathered wood crackle medium on several parts.i let dry normally.After that I paint with two Americana acrylic colours -sea glass and sea breeze.I let dry it without using heatgun.I put out the wax and I distressed the edges with sand sponge.

 I used Andy's Skinner stencils from Decoart to make a logo to the background and some effect on the small wood.(used modelling paste,black ,white and paint from Decoart media)
I used also Andy's Skinner stamps from Decoart to stamp the bottom part of the boat and the stencils on the piece of wood.At last I "played"with washes to do an old effect and make shadows on the background.

I made the rusty effect to the wooden and metallic elements with the compination of Decoart Traditions acrylics -raw umber, transparent yellow iron oxide, turquoise and quinacridone gold.The nails were old so I didn't do anything at all(lucky 😄)

I really enjoyed the theme and the time I spent creating this project.
I wish that you are gonna love my project too.

                    Focus to the present.. dream your future
Thanks for reading
Maria Kantzali

List of supplies

Wooden panel mdf
Das air dry clay
Decoart Americana weathered wood crackle medium
Decoart media modelling paste white
Decoart media modelling paste negro
Decoart media texture sand paste
Decoart media White gesso
Decoart Americana premium acrylics Cobalt turquoise hue

Decoart Traditions acrylics
Titanium white, transparent yellow iron oxide,quinacridone gold, light grey value 8 , Burnt umber,raw umber

Americana acrylics
Sea glass,sea breeze,toffee

Decoart media fluid acrylics
Prussian blue hue,paynes grey

       Andy's Skinner stencils And stamps from Decoart
                         Metallic and wooden elements
                                Old nails and rusty wire
Archival ink jet black
Transparent glue for woods

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  1. Love this, fabulous!!!
    Thank you Maria!

  2. Thank you so much..I am so happy that you liked it!

  3. Hello Maria!
    This is a lovely panel you have created!
    I will try to do something myself based on your directions!
    Thank you so much!!!
    All the best!!!


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