Friday 27 March 2020

Ace of Spades By Heather Thompson

A new fun little project trying out the new release of stamps and paints. When I open the package of the new stamps and saw the Ace of Skulls, I knew I had  to use the big deck of cards from my friend Laneen.
  Andy Skinner Ace of Spades 
I started with some background stamping with the new cracked up stamp and the smashed glass stamp. I did make a short video of the creative process with the products.

When I last jumped the pond, I picked up a bunch of tid-bits  I love these little arches, and I felt the card was too flat and it added some lift with them, and  had a larger arch I used on more of the background. I did some stamping with the Create stamp and a little distressing of the arches with the Resist Paste. 
I stamped the focal Ace of Skulls and regular card stock, added a quick layer of varnish before painting a few fine details. A little dirty wash with a mix of quin gold, paynes and yellow iron oxide before one final seal of varnish again.
Using the Quick Dry Glue and the name says it all, its quick and it is tough, I added my layered arches to the card.
I altered the back of the card with a mix of Quin Gold and Yellow Iron Oxide. and some dry brushing, this is the back of the card so I didn't go too crazy with it.
I really enjoy the new product. Thank you for stopping by today! Heather Supplies: Stamps
black and white head shot


Mixed Media Pastes/Paints
Straight Edged Arches

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