Monday 30 March 2020

Alchemy Vials - 3 Ways to Alter your Glass Containers, by Natassa Blazaki

Hello lovely people!

Hope you’re staying healthy and safe. We’re going through very difficult times, but what makes me happy is that we’re all being supportive to one another.

So, here I am today, on Andy’s blog, with a vintage style project, that I really hope you enjoy and give it a try. You can also visit my IGTV and watch the video tutorial I prepared for you.

Alchemy Vials
I worked with Andy Skinners Matt Chalk Paints and in some occasions, I mixed in some Artist Pigment Paints. I’m telling you they work perfectly together.

For the first technique, I started by sanding the vial with a 180 grit sandpaper. Then, I applied a coat of dark color – Matt Chalk Paint Chestnut - as a base. I heat set and then, with an old brush, I applied Quick Grab Glue, spreading it in all directions. Didn’t care to have an even coverage. While the glue was still wet, I covered with Matt Chalk Paint Mustard Seed. The moment I started heat setting the paint, it began to crackle so beautifully. 
I continued again with a dark color, this time Artist Pigment Paint Raw Umber mixed with Chalk Paint Chestnut. I dabbed at the bottom and the neck of the vial, to make it look more distressed. Also added my all time favorite Quinacridone Gold to complete the aging effect. For the label, I stamped on a piece of scrapbooking paper with a stamp from a previous collection by Andy Skinner, Shabby Chic. 
You can stop here or make a “dirty wash” to apply on the whole bottle. I chose to add some distress oxide ink, which I applied all over the vial and then spritzed with water to activate the ink. When I heat set it, the vial got a gorgeous dusty chalky look.
For the second technique, I started by dabbing Quick Grab Glue on the vial with a soft sponge. I wasn’t looking for a rough texture here, but rather wanted to create a frosted glass effect. 
With the same sponge and while the glue was still wet, I dabbed some Chestnut mixed with Mustard Seed and a maybe a drop or two of Quin Gold. That’s what I call Alchemy hehe. Didn’t care to mix the paints well, just picked them up from my working surface and let them mix directly on the vial. I heat set the paint and dry brushed Mustard Seed on the edges to define the vial's shape. I stamped the Plague Doctor on a piece of scrap paper and glued it as a label on the vial.
For the third technique, I chose a skull shaped miniature bottle. This technique works best on special shape or relief bottles. I started by painting with Artist Pigment Paint – Paynes Greyin all the recessed areas. I applied two coats, because Paynes Grey is semitransparent. 
I heat set the paint and went on with a coat of Matt Chalk Paint - Chestnut.  Heat set again and went back with Paynes Grey, which I randomly brushed on the skull. Then, I picked a warm white acrylic paint and dabbed with a soft sponge, paying attention not to get the paint in the recessed areas, I had previously painted with Paynes Grey. As a finishing touch, I lit up a couple of candles and let some melted wax drip on the bottle. You can apply a final coat of Super Matt Varnish to make the bottle look really old.

All three techniques can be applied on any kind of glass container and
I ‘m sure you’ve got quite a few stashed away. 
Now it’s a great opportunity to bring them out and decorate them. 
Go on and have some fun!

Hugs from Greece

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