Monday 20 April 2020

Miniature Retro Mirrors, by Natassa Blazaki

Hello my dears and welcome back to Andy’s Blog. Hope you got the chance to have some nice time with family during Easter. I also hope you’re all well and safe. Hang on there and craft craft craft 😊

Today I’m back with a cute project, that I had for a long time in my mind and particularly, since I first saw Andy’s Mixed Media Transfers “Retrology”.

So, I decided to try and replicate those retro advertising mirrors, I’m sure you’ve all seen them in diners or pubs, hanging on the walls.

I absolutely loved those transfers and I used all the designs to make a bunch of miniature mirrors. Then, I took a large piece of grey board, to make a wall panel for them.
Below, you can see a photo step by step for the mirrors and the background. 
Click on the images to enlarge and read the captions.

Miniature Retro Mirrors

Wall Background

Here are some close ups and you'll find a list of materials at the end of this post.
I really hope you enjoy this one and get some inspiration on how to use Andy Skinner's Mixed Media Transfers.

You all stay healthy and creative😘

Chestnut, Mustard Seed, Ocean Breeze
Olive Grove, London Brick


  1. Very cool! I love retro and vintage art pieces.

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