Friday 19 March 2021

All Seeing- Fiona Randall


Morning all Fiona here with a little project using Andy's Stuff 

with a bit of Mitform Castings thrown in.

I created a piece of Wall Art with a Steampunk and Grungy feel.
 This all started with a piece of MDF to which some of Andy's Rice paper from his Floral Grunge set was applied to create my base.
 Next up some heat embossing with Andy's Circuitree stamp in gold embossing powder.
 Elements from Andy's Industrial Elements set from Tando Creative were then given distressed paint effects Using Andy's Cosmic Shimmer Artist Pigment and chalk paints. 
Andy's clock face from Tando creative was given a rusty treatment using cosmic shimmer grit paste in conjunction with Andy's Artist Pigment Paints.
 The mitform castings of cogs and the porthole were given a distressed effect using Andy's Artist Pigment and Chalk paints. 
Off cuts of Tando Grey board were then given a crusty Rusty effect using Andy's Strata Paste and Artist Pigment Paints.
 All elements were then layered up onto the base using off cuts of Grey Board to give depth and dimension. 
Andy's Eye Spy was then stamped onto a piece of cardstock to fit the inside of the Mitform Porthole. The stamped image was then given a wash of quinacrodone gold to age, dried and then glued to the back of the porthole and then glued to the base as shown
.The inner of the porthole was then filled with glossy accents and allowed to dry overnight. To finish a small piece of grey board was cut to make a sentiment strip.
 A piece of cream cardstock applied and then aged with a wash of Quinacrodone Gold.
I then trimmed one of the images from Andy's Poe Diverity Transfer sheets that says 'All Seeing' and applied to the sentiment strip. 
This was then attached to the bottom of the bookplate as shown.
All the edges were then inked Using Archival Ink in Ground Espresso.

I love how this has turned out with just a few supplies.
Thanks for taking the time to stop by and read


Artist Pigment Paints in

Cosmic Shimmer Andy Skinner Matt Chalk Paint in

Cosmic Shimmer Andy Skinner Strata Paste.

Cosmic Shimmer Grit Paste.

Andy Skinner Mixed Media Transfers- Poe Diversity.

Creative Expressions Andy Skinner Rubber Stamp- Circuitree

Creative Expressions Andy Skinner Rubber Stamp-Eye Spy

Creative Expressions Andy Skinner Floral Grunge A4 Rice Paper

Andy Skinner by Tando Creative- Industrial Elements Kit

Andy Skinner by Tando Creative- Industrial Clocks

Assorted cogs and Porthole from Mitform


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