Monday, 22 March 2021

Altered Journals By Heather Thompson

Here are more journals I promised. I made these for the girls at work. I always have a variety of things laying around. I have chipboard started, tags started, bits and bobs laying around. I had a number of projects started and set aside waiting for more time to finish. Waiting for things to dry and then getting sidetracked on to another project. So I gathered up a variety of products and paints and put together with some heart and soul.

This journal was made with a tag I was working on. I love the colours on the background. Very bold and bright. The large gear is from the Industrial Set. I wrapped some rusty wire around the gear and actually never finished wrapping it. The heart fit perfectly on the gear.

I added some antique paper from the late 1800's on the background and a discover title on the placard.

Here are a few close-ups of this cover.

I add some background crackle on the base of the journal to match the tag that I never ended up finishing.

This is another journal cover I made with lots of Andy's industrial elements. The featured element is the "So Call Me Already" and the Industrial shabby tag kit.


Lots of background texture and paste with the Structure Paste. And more rusty elements to make the focal point.

Using the other dial from the "So Call Me Already" set.

And the third journal was made with the Industrial Shabby Tag Kit and Industrial Elements. Same type of background, a thick layer of pastes befrore adding colour. And rust elements with paint.

I added other scrapes and the Call Me Already.

Layers of paints, stamping and shading. Here are a few more close-ups. Enjoy!

Thank you for stopping by today, I hope you enjoy! Stay creative~!

Andy Skinner Industrial Elements

So Call Me Already

Shabby Industrial Tag Set

Mixed Media Pastes/Paints


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