Monday 19 December 2011

The Challenge Revealed

Hi all,

I was recently set a challenge by a friend to produce a piece of altered art/assemblage using 5 items and themes of his choice.
This idea came about after a few glasses of wine which I deeply regretted in the morning upon remembering the theme he came up with..
Tribal, shrine, entrapped, scrap metal, rust, distressed and all of this along with a hint of steampunk!!

What's even worse are the five items he chose for me..get these,  a decopatch tissue box, a wooden bear money box, a small decopatch frame, a trinket box and finally just to add insult to injury….. a decopatch princess mask!!!….. yeah…. thanks for that mate!!


I was however allowed to add any bits I had lying around to the piece and of course, Decoart acrylic paint.

This was a tough challenge because there were other things I wanted to use but without further ado, here it is!

Can you tell I am being very influenced by de Mengs work at the moment?! :)

Old trophy handles where mounted on the sides of the tissue box.

The tribal part of the theme was added by making this head from epoxy putty, mounting it in the small box and adding the frame over the top.

The money box was fitted with a light and a watch face fitted over the hole….I'm afraid the teddy bear had to go!
I then stamped the butterfly girl from my Altered Easter stamps onto some acetate and mounted that inside the box… this is the entrapment part of the themes.

The steampunk element came from the glasses mounted on the mask, these were made from old binocular parts and a pocket watch.
A light was then fitted behind the lens.

Lights out!

Have a great day,



  1. Well that IS why it's called a challenge!!! :-)

  2. I think You tackled this challenge marvelously Andy. Great job love it.

  3. Brilliant, did you declare a challenge for your friend too?

  4. Mark my words Kathy he has got one coming! He is a watercolour artist so I am going to be taking him right out of his comfort zone :)

  5. THAT is scary!! Brilliant but scary!

    The sneak preview freaked me out a litte.

    Absolutely LOVE what you've come up with though. Who would have believed that a bunch of 'random' items could be brought together to make such a great piece of artwork.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Jackie x

  6. It's amazing how a piece of music can change the atmosphere of a video Jackie, I am sure some people thought it was going to be much more sinister....Lucia??? lol

  7. Amazing effects Andy! Very clever. I would never have envisaged something like that out of those few products. Yes, well I was right it does look sinister lol & that mask now looks fit for The Borg Princess lol.
    Lucia x

  8. Wow, who would have thought what such an eclectic mix of objects would become, but I bet if you gave the same items to someone else you would get a totally different finished item.... looking fwd to learning all the techniques in your online workshop next year Andy... have a great festive season...


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