Monday 22 October 2012

Specimen's from the Congo 1806

Had great fun making these specimen jars for Halloween, I coloured the water with distress re inkers and painted cheap toys or modelled items from clay to go inside.

The labels were distressed with paint, sandpaper and then ink and finally the lids were sealed with beeswax.

andy skinner specimen jars 0 (Medium)


First up,

The Giant Death Beetle, one of only two specimens found.
(Painted Pound shop toy).... Thanks Sue Roddis :)

andy skinner specimen jars page 3


Next is this unknown Specimen, Venom releases through the spine tips... 1mg of venom is sufficient to kill an adult Chimpanzee.....
Plastic aquarium Plant)

andy skinner specimen jars page 1


Here we have Parasitic Leech found in the Sangha River.
(Modelled from clay and painted)

andy skinner specimen jars page 2


This one is scary! A Serpent, severed from the head of a Gorgon type creature.
(Painted Doctor Who Toy)

andy skinner specimen jars page 4


And finally a Juvenile Yeti Brain, shot just south of Dongou.
(99 pence plastic brain with mediums and paint)

andy skinner specimen jars page 5


Cheap and easy decorations that the kids would love!… or maybe not….

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  1. These are wonderful lol do I recognise that brain from Saturday?? Fab class btw, thank you so much :) I want to put gesso carving on everything now! :)

  2. Very cool specimens! What a great idea! Awesomely done! Hugs, Sandra

  3. They look wonderfully real Andy, I am just surprised there aren't any eye balls or spare limbs in those jars, but I suppose a brain is a start, other wise I would think it wasn't you doing this post, but an imposter!

  4. You have been very busy brewing these fab concoctions, x

  5. FAB job on these eeeky creations! There for a second when I saw the post I wondered ... . Hee! :)

  6. UGH!!! You've surpassed yourself this time Andy, pmsl.

  7. Well I'm a big kid and I love them. What imagination.
    Joanne x

  8. Fabulous jars. They look as though they belong in some forgotton dungeon.
    hugs {brenda} xox

  9. Awesome Andy, dead realistic, love it! Michelle x


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