Thursday 26 September 2013

New Stencil and Chipboard Releases!

Hi everyone,

I am very excited to announce some new product releases launched today with Tando Creative.

First up is my venture into chipboard and I wanted to design something decorative which also had a functional use.

Can you guess what it is yet??

Its a Reversible Retro Clock.
I saw this type of style which looks like old American number plates years ago on a framed mirror and clock and fell in love with them.

This clock is 29.4 cm x 29.4 cm approximately in diameter and consists of a round backplate, 12 segments which can be decorated individually and placed onto the backplate, an inner round plate, a clock mech and some very very cool retro numbers.

Whats more, because the clock has been designed to the same diameter as the largest 3 clocks in 1 pack from Tando pictured above, it also includes the larger clock ring which can be used on the reverse of the clock to give you two clocks in one!  You can turn the clock to suit either your room or your mood!

I have also designed a mini version which is approximately 18 cm in diameter (not too mini)

This kit includes everything that the larger version has apart from the clock ring. 
It is designed to have the same diameter as the medium size 3 clocks in one ring so it is still an option.
The back is ideal for decorating with card-stock, image transfers or paint to design the perfect opposite side.

Here are a few examples of my image transfer versions.

I will be putting a collection of image transfer sheets which I have designed on my website in the next few days, these will print to the exact size for the clocks and will also be free downloads, I will let everyone know via social media where to find them soon.

Finally I have released two limited edition stencils before my main release in February 2014.
These stencils are for my darker friends :)  They are 6x6" and will be available only until the end of this year December 2013.

First up is The Reaper.

The second is for all the Doll lovers out there........ Heeeeere's Dollface lol!

Andy Wardoll

New Tando Mixed Media Cards

These new mixed media cards from Tando are fantastic, they are great for practice and for sharing art with friends, a bit like a mixed media ATC but bigger and can hold lot's of product

Please do not ask me where you can purchase these as I myself have no idea yet as they have only been released today, hopefully shops that stock my products will have them on the shelves soon :)

Thank you so much for reading,



  1. Wow, great stuff! The clock looks terrific, Andy!

    Claudia x

  2. The clock is very nice.... That doll is pretty scary (and that is a good thing lol). But i absolutely LOVE the reaper

    Yep I am from the dark side and love creepy stuff, can't have enough of that
    Hope i can find the stencils here somewhere.

  3. Fab clocks and stencils Andy.


  4. Got to get the reaper asap he is brilliant :-)

  5. I want it all.............enough said!!!!! :)

  6. Fab products Andy !! Love your creations !

  7. CONGRATS on your new release products, Andy! Great retro clock chipboard! The reaper and doll face are terrific stencils. I'm passing info re the doll face to my friend who collects antique dolls and makes FAB doll paper craft projects. :)

  8. WOW Andy! I love that clock and I know that I NEED one of those , Well done you xxx

  9. Fab products, I LOVE the reaper !!! :) Coco x

  10. Didn't see this earlier in the week - sorry! I need ALL of these Andy, NOW!! xx


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