Tuesday 19 June 2018


I am so honored to be a member of Andy's Creative Design Team!  
There are just so many fun things to experiment and play with! 

Andy has teamed with some fantastic companies as well as carrying his own line of supplies that make mixed media art even MORE fun!

Today I am sharing with you a very dimensional 5" x 7" canvas that has an industrial/steampunkish flare.  This canvas is featuring one of Andy's wonderful Tando Creative kits: Industrial Elements, as well as a few other Tando Creative pieces.  

I LOVE wire and Andy is now carrying some very grungy fabulously rusty wire IN HIS OWN ONLINE STORE.  The dimension and detail simple wire adds to a project is unbelievable!  You can wrap it, curl it up into springs, let it free flow through a project and even glue elements to it as if they were floating.  

Here is a closer look at the finished canvas.  See what I mean about the wire free flowing and allowing things to "float"?  LOVE IT!

Let's get to all of the details!

I began with a burlap canvas because I love the texture already there before you add anything to it.  Using a palette knife, I added swipes DecoArt's Media Gesso followed by a wash of water and DecoArt's Media Fluid Acrylics Dark Grey Volume 3.  This made for a wonderful grungy base to work with.

Using Andy's wonderful Illusioinary Artist Tech Trauma stamp set, I heat embossed (using black embossing powder) a calculations stamp and a diagram stamp.  I then wiped some embossing ink around the edges of the canvas, sprinkled them with the black embossing powder, brushed off the excess and heat set the grungy black edges of the canvas.  Love the industrial feel of the canvas already coming out here!

Now for a pop of color and another layer of interest for the canvas!  Using Andy's Made To Measure stencil, I added a combination of DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics Transparent Red Iron Oxide mixed with Cadmium Red Hue to add the numbers on the left of the canvas.  Then still using the stencil brush, I wiped some of the color randomly on the canvas and around the edges of the canvas.  

Now that the basic canvas was ready, it was time to start adding my dimensional elements.  I LOVE Andy's Industrial Elements kit.  There are so many pieces that you can mix and match. I even use the throw away stuff that you punch out of the pieces.  For example:  the arc at the top of the door plate and the little red "heart" directly below the keyhole. I also added a clock hand from another of Tando's greyboard sets.  I glued all of my greyboard pieces together using DecoArt's Media Liquid Glass.  It dries quickly and clear.

In the inset picture, you can see how the door plate finished out through the magic of Andy's techniques and DecoArt's Media Line products.

I basically started this process by painting the entire piece first with a combination of Decoart's Media Fluid Acrylics Blue Green Light and Cobalt Teal Hue.  Next to soften the color and give it more of a grungy look, I dry brushed DecoArt's Fluid Acrylics Yellow Oxide randomly over everything.  Then I added bits of Metallic Silver on the nuts and blots, the gear and the arc at the top of the door plate. To create depth, I added yet another layer of dry brushing with the paints in this picture.  First DecoArt's Media Fluid Acrylics Burnt Umber to give a shadowy effect.  Then Payne's Grey around all of the raised pieces to give even more depth and dimension.  Finally, I dry brushed and then tamped one of my favorites, DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics Quinacridone Gold randomly over everything to create that wonderful rusty appearance.  

I added some stamping on top of the door plate using Andy's Word Up Illusionary Artists stamp set.  "Secret" and the combination of numbers on the arc on top of the door plate are stamped with DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics Titanium White.  The series of numbers in the center plate are heat embossed with black embossing powder.  

Finally, I wire wrapped around and through the door plate, letting the wire free flow to the left side of the canvas where I attached a vintage clock face and some other rusty elements.  The vintage dominoes, tiny clock pieces, round clock face, metal key and dangling metal pieces are things I had in my stash and they worked perfectly with Andy's elements!

  • Media White Gesso
  • Media Fluid Acrylics Dark Grey Value 3
  • Media Fluid Acrylics Transparent Red Iron Oxide
  • Media Fluid Acrylics Cadmium Red Hue
  • Media Fluid Acrylics Burnt Umber
  • Media Fluid Acrylics Quinacridone Gold
  • Media Fluid Acrylics Payne's Grey
  • Media Liquid Glass
  • Andy Skinner Made To Measure Stencil

Miscellaneous Supplies
  • Vintage clock faces
  • Metal elements such as a key, dangling items
  • Vintage dominoes
  • Stencil Brush
  • Paint Brush
  • Palette Knife
  • 5" x 7" canvas
  • Miniature clock pieces
  • Cheese cloth
  • Rusty mesh
  • Black embossing powder
  • Embossing Ink Pad

About the Artist: Candy Colwell


  1. Wow!!! What an amazing industrial type creation Candy xx I love the background and fabulous techniques that you incorporate and kindly share with us x You showcase the DA/AS products so well and with lots of inspiration......FABULOUS !!

    Huge hugs Annie xx

  2. Yum - fabulous grungy mixed media layers on the burlap, and the finish on the doorplate is wonderful.
    Alison x


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