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  2. Really looking forward to doing the Book of Secrets course, Andy. Hopefully, life is now almost back to normal and I'll actually be able to get something done this time, lol.

  3. just signed up for the book of secrets course and really looking forward to it,just been out to buy all the materials x 2 as my hubby is going to be doing the course too! Can we go at our own pace with the video by stopping and starting it? xx jo xx

  4. I'd also like to know if the classes are at a specific time or if we can log on at any time? I'm in the US. Your work is amazing and I'm so impressed by rhe work done by your students.

  5. The workshops have everything you need from the start date so you can log in any-time you like during the workshop period.

  6. Hi Andy Skinner
    I have had to post this email to you here, as your email address does not seem to work.
    I enrolled in your wonderful Book of Secrets class last month. I am very pleased with it, but I now cannot access it. Do you only allow access for 3 weeks or so?
    I do not want to go into my personal life too much, but I am a disabled lady whose beloved husband/carer has a terminal cancer. Life is very very difficult right now and I find that my art work keeps me sane. However, due to my disabilities, I cannot follow courses as quickly as others. I have only watched/absorbed half of your BOS videos. Is it possible to allow me extra access? I would like to enroll in your distressed class, but will not be able to if you only allow a short access to class materials.
    Sorry to bother you with all this, but as I said, art and craft is literally saving me right now.
    Many thanks for your consideration, even if you are unable to help.
    Sue Bunce

  7. Ups.. I just enrolled to your classes but I been thinking we can have access any time not a limited time.. is any way we can download the class what happen if I don't have time to follow your class same as Sue Bunce (Sooboo)?? I also enroll yesterday to your book of ruination ;) I hope you can answer our concerns.

  8. These are valid concerns, Andy. I emailed you a few days ago, voicing the same, and have not yet had a reply. I also am a disabled person, and have days when I am unable to do anything at all. I cannot work to a schedule and need to be able to choose when I do things and for how long. While I can see the point of having a time-limited course so that everyone keeps pace and is able to support each other for the duration of the course via the forum, for many of us this is just not possible. The great benefit of the Internet and online learning is that it makes further education possible for people who are sick and housebound. If you were able to make the courses permanently available, it would be so much better. After all, we pay money up front for a product, and would normally expect that to remain in our possession indefinitely!

    I should be very grateful if you could please reply to these concerns - the above 2 messages confirm that I am not the only one who might be put off by the course being time-limited. You could do more business if the courses were for lifetime use.



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