Thursday 11 November 2010

Tick Tock Make Your Own Clock

Hello all,
Clocks make great gifts and really are not that expensive to produce.
These 20cm x 20cm bisque tiles make such wonderful clock faces so today I decided to make a few using Inks, image transfer and acrylic paint.

First of all I designed a few clock templates in Photoshop which I could then print as a mirror image and transfer onto the tiles.
Here are the templates.
Templates now uploaded here.

For the first clock I simply sprayed my laser printed image with Americana Gloss spray sealer and transferred the image onto the tile. Black ink works great with this method. If you missed the tutorial on this technique look under image transfer on this blog.
I then coloured in the design with a brush using Versa inks mixed with a little water. I have never used Pro Markers but I’m sure they would work great for this, they are next on my shopping list!  The design in the corners was stamped using Stazon Jet Black ink. I then fitted the clock mechanism.
The frame was base coated in Dazzling Metallic Emperors Gold, once dry I stamped the frame with embossing ink and lightly dusted with Gold Perfect Pearls.
Click On Pictures For Larger Views

The same method has been used for this clock other than the frame which I applied a walnut effect to using Americana acrylics.

I love this British Grunge clock, this ones coming home with me!! 
I have used the Duraclear Matte image transfer method for this clock which is also explained in a tutorial on this blog.

Take care,


  1. great clocks Andy I would like a copy of your clock faces - just need to find some clock mechanisms

  2. They are really great clocks Andy! Lovin your blog,Sam

  3. Wow these are super cool! That would be great if you could supply the templates.
    Keep the great work coming Andy!

  4. Thanks,

    I have made the templates avialiable no just follow the link in the post.



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