Tuesday 10 April 2012

New Website…New Workshop

I have taken the plunge and purchased a .com and built a website, the main reason for this is that I wanted all my online workshops together on one site along with more multimedia tools to make the whole online workshop experience even better.  All workshop videos will be hosted on the site making them twice as fast and soooo much more in the way of multimedia tools.

Its been allot of work but definitely worth it.

On to the new workshop, out of all the live workshops I have held this one has been asked for so much to be become an online workshop, mainly by people who are not able to attend or live overseas.

Made a little video for it today, The Book of Secrets :)

The new website is http://www.andyskinnercrafts.com

or to go direct to the workshop site click http://bosw.andyskinnercrafts.com


  1. I love the video Andy! I don't suppose you could let me know what software you used? I have got my craft mojo back and am updating my blog myself for a new start and love the way you edited this video.

    The new website looks great and I can't wait to get some new Andy inspired projects up and running :)

  2. Having been lucky enough to attend this workshop in person? Can totally understand the demand ;) this was awesome!! Like magic :)

  3. Hi Sam, really Glad to hear your getting your mojo back! I am using iMovie on the iPad although its a little limited compared with the mac version.

  4. The new website is looking Fab Andy. Already booked my place for the May workshop. Looking forward to it.

  5. this is a great workshop ! Congratulations for your new website !


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