Wednesday 26 June 2013

Moroccan Shabby Patina Tutorial


In this tutorial I want to share with you a simple but very effective way to achieve a Shabby patina effect.
I have demonstrated this on an old metal Moroccan lantern pictured below as this technique works better on items that have detail and texture.

Here is the lantern with its new paint job,

Some close ups of the effect.

OK, what you will need:
Decoart Traditions in Quinacridone Gold.
Americana Multi Surface Satin in Dolphin and Coastal Waters.
Similar colours if using standard Americana would be Bahama Blue and Slate Grey.

Americana Frost Gloss Enamels in White.

The inner glass tube was removed from the lantern and it was base-coated using Dolphin Multi Surface Satin, I have used the multi surface Satin paints because the item is metal and I would like it to go outside in the garden and these paints once cured adhere amazingly without the need for priming.

If you wish to use standard Americana then I have given colour options above but would advise using a metal primer if attempting this effect on metal.

Ok for some reason my picture with the base-coat was corrupted so apologies but you are going to have to imagine the lantern with a grey base-coat :)

Once the base-coat was good and dry a coat of Coastal Waters multi surface Satin was applied,  before it dried it was wiped back on the raised areas using a baby wipe to reveal the grey below.
It's a good idea to paint sections at a time and wipe back rather than paint the whole item because the paint may have dried by the time you get to wiping it back.

I think it looks great after this antiquing effect and it could easily be left like this but there is one colour that I can not resist using time and again to really age this piece.

Whats the colour? Quinacridone Gold... I love it!
Apply Quinacridone gold to small sections at a time and wipe back from the raised areas using a baby wipe.
This colour is very translucent and gives you lovely green tones when laid thinly over the Coastal Waters.

Continue this process until every area has been covered and wiped back.

Its can be very effective if you leave some of the Quinacridone Gold slightly thicker in some areas as pictured below.

The inner glass tube was a little plain so White Frost gloss Enamels were pounced through a stencil with Cut and Dry for an etched glass effect.

And there you have it.... Simples!

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  1. Love this makeover. I thought at first that the first pic showing the original condition of the lamp was the finished product so was very pleased to see the beautiful lamp! I have always loved this finish and am going to have a go with a new lamp that was an unwanted gift but can now be magically transformed from lime green to something that will look good in my home!

  2. stunning!!! and yes I agree that gold is fan-bloomin-tastic. its like delicate rust in a bottle....

  3. Love it! I am making one for my sudio. Thanks Andy. i have to try these multisurface satins!

  4. Simples, but stunning. Thanks for sharing your ideas and talent!

    1. Will the traditions paint wash off Andy, if it is outside?

  5. ...this is a fabulous piece Andy, summer evenings with a warm coastal breeze spring to mind, great step by step, I love it...Mel:)xx

  6. Amazing result Andy...very nice!

    kind regards, Alie :-)

  7. Love it Andy and just my colour.
    Hugs Erika.

  8. Wonderful effect Andy and your step by step makes it look so easy. . . .! I need to do this - soon! You have made me love quin gold too and it's surprising how many things it can do from giving that antique finish to simply warming up a somewhat bland piece. Clever old stick aren't you?!

  9. Thanks Andy. Just back from Menorca - this is so Mediterranean!


  10. Great tutorial for those of us who can't make your classes :)
    Von ☺

  11. Mmm would look fantastic on my decking lol. Love the effects, so realistic and the QG adds that perfect finishing touch.
    hugs Brenda xxx

  12. Sensational transformation, and that glass etching paint effect is fabulous - looks like another "must-have".
    Alison x

  13. I love what you made with that lantern, Andy!

    A perfect rusted patina look! Must have, must make! :)

    Claudia x

  14. Great Tutorial...exactly what I was looking for...well...almost! I'm actually going to be doing this to something plastic that needs to be outside, so I'll be using the colors, but in a different paint. Beautiful piece though....great tutorial!

  15. Absolutely stunning effect on a lantern....I can imagine it on a clock I hate on top of my fireplace...waiting to be transformed!!! TFS!!!

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