Sunday 9 January 2011

Recycle Those Tins!

DSC_0682 (Small)
Don’t throw away your tins left over from Christmas, give them a makeover with Americana Acrylics!
1. Lightly sand tin all over with 220 grade sandpaper. Mix together equal quantities of DecoArt Traditions Light Primer and DecoArt Multi Purpose Sealer to act as a metal primer, apply to the tin and allow to dry. This will stop the paint from easily scratching off.
DSC_0092 (Small)
2. Choose your Americana colours and apply two coats to the primed tin and allow to dry.Here I have used DecoArt  Americana Spa Blue, Buttermilk and Lemonade.
DSC_0099 (Small)
3. Spray one good coat of Americana Matte Spray Sealer to the tin before stamping with Versa Magic Archival Chalk Ink. If you make a mistake it can easily be wiped away as long as you have the coat of Matte sealer applied.
DSC_0101 (Small)
4. Squeeze out a little acrylic paint into a pallet and use the handle end of the brush to place dots  around the base.
DSC_0104 (Small)
5. Finish of by applying a little Treasure Gold Guilt Wax with your finger to antique it and a final coat of Americana Matte sealer.
DSC_0107 (Small)


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