Thursday 26 April 2012

Steampunk Inspiration and Lancaster?


No artwork to share today but a couple of videos to give some steampunk inspiration.
I am leaving Bucks tomorrow to travel up north to Lancaster where I will be demonstrating at  Card Craft UK on Saturday, please pop in and say hello if your nearby!  Its then down to Oxford on Sunday to attend my Granddaughter Faiths Christening, I really hope the weather holds out!

Ok the first video is Directed by Tim Ollive. 
A victorian special agent saves Europe from itself - with help from the French and, of course, the Americans...

This second video is a game that I have on my ipad called Machinarium.
I just love the graphics and find them such a great steampunk inspiration!



  1. Preston is down south.. though i have to say its a move in the right direction at least LOL.

    enjoy the christening. the weather has just been ridiculous these last couple of days.

  2. Fun movies; love the graphics on the second one; makes me want to grab my pen and ink and create my own! Enjoy the Christening.

  3. Hmm! 25 miles from me on Saturday, I won der whether I can make it????
    Hugs Joanne xx

  4. Have a great time and thanks for the fun videos

  5. I loved Machinarium. It's beautifully put together.


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