Tuesday 27 March 2012

Modeling Paste Technique Explained.

I have received quite a few emails asking me to explain my dry brushing technique on stamped Decoart modeling paste.
A tutorial on how to apply and stamp into the modeling paste can be found HERE.

Dry-brushing involves passing a paint brush that has almost no paint, over the surface of a texture to highlight and make edges stand out.
The technique is best employed when it is used with subtlety.
For this example I have used stamps from both myself and Lindsay Mason.
1.  I apply a base coat first with a colour that I want to show through the dry brushed colours.
Here I have used Decoart Traditions in Permanent Alizarin Crimson.

2.  Next I load just the tip of a dry flat hogs hair brush with my next colour, you want to start dark and gradually build up with lighter colours.
Once the brush tip is loaded I wipe some off the paint of onto a kitchen towel and start lightly brushing over the surface of the stamped texture, allowing some of the base coat to show through. Here I have used Americana Hauser Dark Green.

3. I have repeated the process next with Hauser Light Green but this time taken more paint of onto the kitchen towel, so a dryer brush.
The direction of brushing is very important and should be perpendicular to any edges or raised detail.
4. Here it is after the Hauser Light Green has been applied, you can see the detail just starting to pop.

5. Next I have dry brushed with a little Americana Teal Green, not all over but in random places.

6. Here I have loaded the brush with Americana Avocado Dip and taken much of the paint off onto the kitchen towel and dry brushed all over. 
7. I have mixed a little Americana Titanium White with the Avocado Dip and repeated step 6.

8. Finally, with pure Titanium White loaded, I wipe off onto the kitchen towel until only a trace of paint is left on the brush and brush over the surface.
9. Here it is finished, as you can see all the underlying colours are visible still in places.
Hope this helps,


  1. It looks wonderful, thank you for the step by step.

  2. Great effect and so easily achieved too !! Thanks for the tute !

  3. I love this Andy. Any tips on stamping into the modelling paste so as to get clean image? Thanks Andy x

  4. Yes Lucia, check out the link on the post...A tutorial on how to apply and stamp into the modeling paste,

  5. Thank you Andy I missed that the first time.

  6. this is amazing ! Thank you for the link !

  7. Hi Andy

    Just wanted to say thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such a lovely comment.

    This is an amazing technique and I'm going to have to give it a go! Thanks for sharing.

    Claire x

  8. So very cool!! Thanks for this! I never realized so many colors were involved!!

  9. Thanks for the tut. Now what size flat brush are you using....bright 8 or 12? Thank you

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