Wednesday 4 July 2012

The Craft Barn Extravaganza & Stuff!

What a whirlwind weekend at the craft barn! It all started on Friday when I held a workshop using the cathedral box.
The run up to the workshop was tense as there were a few problems with the boxes, thanks to poor Ian who had to physically saw them in half just an hour before the workshop began!!

When everyone arrived I was in panic stations, but this quickly passed as they were such a relaxed and lovely group and I soon calmed down.

Here is the tea caddy we made.


I returned home that evening to stock up with samples for the next two days only to get stuck on the M25 for 3 hours, there really is not a strong enough word to describe how I feel about that road!

Anyway, I returned Saturday morning fresh and raring to go, set out my table in good time and was all ready for the doors to open at 10am.
As soon as I started demonstrating with the blending tool it became apparent that I had a very wonky table, three cups of spilt tea later, one going straight into my heat gun, paint stripper thingy it was starting to get beyond funny!!

It was however lovely to see everyone and catch up, it was especially good to see Lindsay mason there who was on the table next to me working her magic with Ranger glue and seal and Distress Inks!

DSC_0166 (Small)

DSC_0164 (Small)


Ok where was I?……. Oh yes, so got back to the accommodation at 6pm, we had arranged to go out for drinks and a meal at 7pm, I was running a little late so Liz Welch kindly told me the directions as it was only 5 minutes away... Now I am one of those unfortunate people who can only hold that sort of information for a very short period before most of it has left my brain! 45 minutes later I am still driving and searching for the venue, Obviously being male asking for directions is not an option lol, so at this stage I decide to grab a take away,  go back to my room, watch the tennis and big time sulk!

Here is my version of one of the new Tando Creative Carriage Clocks, loved doing this!




Sunday went much smoother I'm happy to say, I got the table sorted and there was no more crying over spilt tea and the M25 on the way home was bearable.


I was very happy to see this week that I have made it as the spotlight artist over on the Decoart Helping Artist site, been hoping for this for a while now, below is the link to the article.

Well that's about it for now, working on lots of stuff that has to be kept under wraps at the moment, I will however be demonstrating at the Art Shop 11 - 12A Bondgate Darlington DL3 7JE this coming Saturday.



  1. Sounds like you had a tough weekend! Your caddy looks great. Recognise plenty of the techniques. I did wonder where you were on Saturday evening but was too polite to ask.... Glad Sunday went better for you.

  2. The tea caddy looks fab!! Sounds like youbhad a testing tome to sayvthe least!! Hope tomdo one of your workshops soon!! Trace x

  3. Your samples were wonderful, your demos excellent & fascinating & meeting you was a highlight, so thank you! I've been talking with a friend & we hope to attend one of your workshops in the not too distant future.

  4. Was great to see you Friday Andy and I loved the project as Rachel showed me what she had done.

    Enjoyed reading the Spotlight Article on you... 1966 was a fantastic year it seems, just happens to be my year too!!!

    Hope to see you soon as intend doing another workshop to make up for missing yours on Friday...

  5. I really enjoyed sitting and watching you demo on Saturday Andy, you are always so good at giving tips and sharing your ideas. Loved all your samples, great work. Hope you have a good trip up to Darlington and congrats on being in the spotlight at Decoart.
    hugs {brenda} xox

  6. gorgeous makes as always andy and oh boy did you have an eventful weekend...lots of adapt and overcome moments by the sound of it...congrats on your spotlight at Decoart...hugs kath xxx

  7. Brilliant pieces there Andy and so nice to see our Lindsay doing her stuff. Enjoy the Art Shop, I know it well.
    Hugs Joanne xx

  8. It was wonderful to see you in action on Saturday!

  9. Hi, it was lovely to see you again at the weekend Andy and I love what you did with our clock! On friday we were stuck on the M25 carpark for 2 hours...loath the thing, especially as we only hop on and off it!!!! Hoping everytthing goes smoother for you next time :D x

  10. WOW, what a weekend, I would never have known viewing your demo from row 4 of the crowd, you looked cool as a cucumber :D. The sawing of the boxes has had me in hysterics, I also had spilt tea just reading about it......only at the Barn :D. Congrats on your Decoart spotlight, very well deserved and the clock is fantastic! x


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