Friday 14 September 2012

Mr Potato Head is going to get it!

Thought I would have a go at an altered Mr Potato Head, he is still very much in design mode but I will keep you updated with his progress!

Ok this next picture is going to freak some of you out so be warned if you dislike dolls, they have always freaked me out but after making this casting for an Outcasts book it has helped me overcome the fear LOL..
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You can see in this picture the dimension.

Don't have nightmares!!


  1. Lol cannot wait to see Mr Potato Head transformed. Love your embedded doll piece too. Tracy x

  2. ok first i understand you have had a past fear of dolls Uummm? there is a matrix to the magic of dolls and they should be feared in some head ouch but I love what you are doing. I am a steam punk nut..looking forward to his finished mode.
    susan s.

  3. You just successfully illustrated my nightmares, gonna go hide under the duvet now!

  4. You are SICK! Poor Mr Potato Head! And what have you done with Mrs Potato Head??!!


  5. My Grandaughter has her Joanna.... as for Woody and Buzz.. well they have got it coming as-well!!! lol

  6. The heads might freak some out......but.....I LOVE THEM! They are FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC:)

  7. You're like the nasty kid in Toy Story, all grown up!

    You know you're going to come back in your next life as a Mr Potato Head, don't you?! Be afraid.

  8. Can't wait to see how Mr P H turns out. Not sure about those dolls - bit freaky but not as bad as those awful 'fractured doll' things - at least yours scream creativity and not 'buy me, be duped, so I can earn lots of money' - if you get my meaning!!

  9. I love the dolls, so creative, but the spud thing is something else.
    Hugs Joanne xx

  10. I love this! Of course dolls are scary, that's the fun of it :-) can't wait to see what happens to mr potato head lol! Maddy


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