Thursday 18 October 2012


I managed to pick up this clock in an antiques store this week, a bargain at just £15.00.
This is how it all began.

voodoo assemblage andy skinner

Introducing to you....Vodunian

andy skinner assemblage altered art voodoo dolls

The Voodoo potions contained within are protected by the deadly Puffer Fish spines, one of the most deadly venom's known to man!

andy skinner assemblage altered art voodoo dolls

I have used some plaster castings within this assemblage for the dolls and also the Skulls, I then used the lovely scraps of plaster to give texture to the piece.

I also love lights and had to add a small blue LED inside to light it up at night :)

andy skinner assemblage altered art voodoo dolls

I will leave you with a brief description of the inspiration for this piece.

Bokors are featured in many Haitian tales and are often associated with the creation of 'zombies' by the use of a deadening brew or potion usually containing poison extracted from puffer fish. This potion makes the drinker appear to be dead and thus he is often buried; later, the bokor will return for the "corpse" and force it to do his bidding, such as manual labor. The "corpse" is often given deliriant drugs, mainly datura, which puts them in a detached, somewhat dreamlike state. Its state is likened to being mind controlled. The person is alive but in a state where they cannot control what they say or do; at this point, when the person has been "reanimated" from the grave, or at least is moving about working for the bokor, they can be termed "zombies." However, some legends dispense with this more rational explanation, and have the bokor raise zombies from dead bodies whose souls have departed.

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  1. wow this is a wonderful transformation Andy. Your description of a zombie certainly fits me whoever is sticking those pins in me......get them out NOW......

  2. Ahhhh... that will be me Netty... will start removing them now LOL Thanks for your comment :)

  3. wow andy awesome project. I love the blue hue lights you added and the sculpting is heck of a spooky work of art.
    susan s.

  4. Whenever I visit your blog I see fantastic creations from someone who can see the artistic potential in the most mundane things.
    I also learn a lot from your descriptions too! *ü*

  5. Well, you learn something every day I suppose!! Sure you're not on datura [3] Andy??!! Some amazing techniques here but that's only to be expected when I visit your blog. Love the little blue light. Thing is, I couldn't sleep with this little piece in the room - hope you have a 'shrine' room where you keep all the top spooky stuff!!
    Have a good weekend.

  6. An amazing alteration Andy and such creativity, I love the inspiration and background to it.
    Hugs Brenda xox

  7. What an incredible piece of art. Your Zombie description fits me most days!!!!
    Joanne xx

  8. amazing work! Love this transformation! Awesome! Hugs, Sandra


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