Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Image Transfer onto Bisque and Paper

Ok,  I have been asked so many times to explain the image transfer technique I use onto bisque. I will post a step by step picture tutorial next week.
I will briefely explain now how I do it  but there are now two videos showing you how in the video section on this blog.
This also works on paper but not sure if inks will work with it. I will leave this up to all you paper crafters out there, I would really appreciate any feedback on how you get on with it.
  1. You will need a laser copy or print
  2. Spray your print with Americana Gloss spray sealer, do this lightly untill you see the ink start to raise from the paper. ( As if it were embossed).
  3. Place the paper ink side down onto the bisque or paper and burnish it with you finger or a Brayer for approx 10 seconds.
  4. Remove paper and your image should have transferred!
You will need to have a mirror image copy, especially if text is to be included.



  1. Would any brand sealer/finisher work or have you found this specific one to be the best?

  2. Hi Lisa, I have tried a few and by far the best so far is the Gloss Americana Spray,

  3. Is it ok to fire this after you add the transfer?


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