Monday 11 October 2010

Lets Be Negative For A Moment!

I have been playing with chemicals again!

The copper enamelling blank below was first placed on a bed of coconut shell carbon granules and heated with a Crème Brulee torch. The carbon reacts with the copper to produce strong colours.
Next I stamped on an image using Stazon Black. I really like how it looks now but I can’t help myself from experimenting more.

Ok so the next step was to add 5 drops of liver of sulphur to a shallow dish.
Liver of sulphur smells like rotten eggs so be warned!

I then added boiling water to the liver of sulphur and immersed the copper blank into it.

After 5 minutes the copper turned completely black.

Next I emptied the liver of sulphur down the sink and ran cold water over the copper blank. The cold water neutralises the liver of sulphur and the rotten egg smell will have gone.

The copper was then sprayed with Stazon Cleaner.

I then wiped away the Stazon ink to reveal the copper beneath leaving me with a negative image.

Jack Daniels comes to mind for some reason.....Hick!

Below is a copper heart pendant using the same technique and finished with a coat of Americana gloss sealer.

I hope that all makes sence?!



  1. This is such an amazing technique...I will have to give it a try some day.
    What interesting and beautiful effects!!!
    Thanks, Andy
    Sue xx

  2. Opens up a whole new world of possibilities, doesn't it? Thank YOU for this cool & wonderful technique!


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