Tuesday 12 October 2010

Part 1. Introducing Sally

Meet Sally, she is the new extra large Decopatch Salamander and measures a total of 103cm that's 40.6 inches.
She has been given to me to use as a mixed media project decorated using Decoart products combined with stamps and inks etc. Sally will be on display at the Craft Hobby & Stitch International Trade Show at the NEC Birmingham in February 2011.

I am going to work a few hours a week on this project and will post pictures of Sally’s progress along the way….I may even give her a blog of her own or maybe a page on this blog.
I started today by applying two coats of Decoart Gesso

Its hard to see in this picture but I have divided the body up into stripes so that a different technique can be used in each. I have stamped into the gesso in a few of the sections along the body.

I want sally to be bright and colourful so I am playing around with a few test colours but not very happy with them yet.

Ok it’s time to put Sally to bed and go home to eat!


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