Sunday 31 October 2010

Take it with a pinch of salt

An old technique from my watercolour days that I still love to use for backgrounds.

Paint you heart coaster with a chosen background colour. I have used Americana Baby pink here and then sponged over lightly with warm white
DSC_0253 (Small)
Next I diluted some American Royal Fuchsia with 40% water. You want a deeper tone than your base colour. This was then quickly painted over my background using a mop brush and sea salt was sprinkled  into the wet paint. Once dry remove the salt with a stiff brush and it is ready for stamping!
DSC_0255 (Small)
If using as a coaster I would recommend sealing with Americana Traditions Satin Varnish. This is a quick drying resin-based polyurethane varnish which provides the hardest acrylic finish available for indoor and outdoor surfaces. When four coats are applied it also becomes alcohol resistant.

Here is a salt coaster with a gloss finish.

DSC_0275 (Medium)


  1. OOOh Andy, that's fab. I never get good results with salt! Beautiful effect. Sam x

  2. excellent..I like the way you describe how you do stuff like sid off UK stampers on his blog

  3. Thanks for your comments, I'm new to UK Stampers so will check out Sid's blog soon..Of to have a peek at yours now!


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