Friday 5 November 2010

Transfer Me

As promised here is a quick picture tutorial of the Decoart Americana image transfer technique.
The Image must be a laser print or copy.

Shake Americana Gloss sealer well and lightly spray the image until you start to see the ink rise as if it were slightly embossed.
2010-11-05 15.48.31 (Medium)
Quickly place the paper image side down onto the pottery and run a brayer over it a few times
2010-11-05 15.48.54 (Medium)

Remove the paper and the image should have transferred to the pottery with a grungy look to it.
2010-11-05 15.49.08 (Medium)
DSC_0282 (Medium)
I tried this one on paper earlier.
2010-11-05 15.54.49 (Medium)
Tomorrow I will be posting a different Image transfer technique that I am working on at the moment, I will twitter it as soon as its up online.
There are now two videos in the video section of this blog on this technique.

Below is a sneak peak!

DSC_0639 (Small)

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