Monday 7 March 2011

Light Relief Gesso Backgrounds

Hi everyone,
I have been working lots with gesso textures lately by applying it with a pallet knife and stamping into it. I wanted to attempt creating a stamped gesso background on card with a light relief so that when dry I could happily stamp onto it without loosing much detail in the stamped image due to the irregular surface.
Firstly I applied a thin layer of gesso onto the card stock with a flat paint brush and immediately stamped into it. Once dry I started to build up layers with acrylic paint, it may not look like it but there are 5 different colours on there! I finished off with a little Distress ink before stamping with Archival Black.

Here is the result!
Andy Skinner Light Gesso Relief
This close up shows the delicate gesso texture in more detail.
Andy Skinner Light Gesso Relief
The other great thing about this technique is that because the gesso is applied so thin it dries really quick, just be sure to wash your stamps immediately after use.


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